Friday, 1 June 2012

Darkmoon Faire - Fishing Junkboxes

Gone Fishing - pre-Cata, Stormwind harbour

As you may know if you've been reading a while, I haven't been playing WoW all that much since Christmas so I've only done the Darkmoon Faire stuff maybe once or twice since it all changed. Last month, I decided to go & do some of the silly game quests - I am a pet & mount collector after all & I need those available from Darkmoon Faire.

While I was swimming back from the stupid cannon shot landing circle, I had a fishing node pop on my mini map. Ever the keen fisherwoman, I equipped my Kalu'ak Fishing Pole & dropped a few casts into the Shipwreck Debris pool. Not thinking anything of it, I went back to the silly games. But something was stirring at the back of my mind - hadn't I read something somewhere about DMF fishing? Oh well, I'll look later I thought to myself.

Off I went, googling merrily (yeah right! anyone that knows me, knows that I do not think like Google does - finding anything takes me ages!) & came across a couple of blogposts by Wolfgangcat & VilesAuctions.

Vile specifically talks about it as an Embersilk farming method & my tailor needs Embersilk cloth so off I went, water walking potions in bags & spent a quiet hour or so, racing other fishermen up & down the coast of the Darkmoon Faire Island. Apart from the goodies in the boxes, there is also the chance to fish up the Sea Pony pet or even, just maybe the Sea Turtle mount. Luckily I'm an insomniac so I outlasted them into the wee small hours of the morning & ended up with the island to myself.

Here's my haul
9 x Rumsey Rum Black Label
20 x Obsidium Ore
184 x Embersilk Cloth
14 x Heavy Savage Leather
23 x Elementium Ore
5 x Heartblossom
5 x Volatile Fire
3 x Volatile Earth
4 x Azshara's Veil
4 x Stormvine
5 x Twilight Jasmine
12 x Cinderbloom
2 x Elixir of Deep Earth
45 x Darkmoon Firewater
2 x Elixir of the Cobra
4 x Potion of the Tol'Vir
2 x Mythical Healing Potion
3 x Pyrite Ore

Now I did start counting how many junkboxes I picked up but I lost track a little. My best guess after the fact was around 45 boxes. I sent the potions & elixirs to my banker for selling but the ores, volatiles & herbs all went to appropriate crafting alts. Nine stacks of Embersilk Cloth was a nice result though - my tailor made short work of that lot but I ran out of enthusiasm & didn't go back for more.

Next month, if the Embersilk market is still good, I will possibly go fish with one of my other alts & use this method to not only gather plenty of Embersilk but also to level my fishing skill. I find having those skill points clicking up are a good incentive to keep going.


  1. If you are after bulk Embersilk cloth check out Troggs in Deepholm, i can get around 10 cloth per minute when using potion of treasure finding with my DK in a mix of HOT/LFR gear. Sometimes you just want to kill stuff xD

    This is a great spot for a low level toon and/or on a new realm : )

  2. How long did you spend? The post makes it sound like you were there for hours. If that's the case, I've gotten far more Embersilk from a half hour on the Fractured Front with a Potion of Treasure Finding. Granted, I don't do that often because it's incredibly boring, but then, so is fishing for hours at a time.

    Overall, I'd agree with Farli that it's nice for a low level and/or new realm, but if you have an 85 with decent AoE as your tailor, you'll clean up better out in Deepholm.

  3. @Farli - Yup - I love the Fractured Front & I use the Treasure Finding potion too. This was more of a bonus find as I was there doing the stupid daily games anyway

    @Tailswish - I only fished for about an hour & then not solidly, chatting with guildies, doing the dailies etc. I have my priest as a tailor & she isn't very well geared so I usually go there on my DK but I do love my lil rogue for pickpocketing too although that slows down the killing a bit :D


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