Monday, 4 July 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

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Well, it was a quiet week to start with, watching my AH with Eagle Eyes, just snapping up those few last deals before Patch 4.2 hit here in the UK on Wednesday. I spent Tuesday evening in The Consortium IRC chat room - watching as 4.2 unrolled on the US servers & 'screams' of delight & horror scrolled past rapidly on my screen. Many of the EU peeps were asking questions depending on what they had stockpiled, I guess but it was great fun & I picked up a hint here & there, ready for the next day.

Sales at the beginning of the week were slow & I was all excited for the patch to hit. It's the first really major patch since I started seriously making gold so I only had other peoples' stories to go by. Sales of 58k looks good this week but I actually spent quite a lot (17k) on ores & volatiles where the prices were just too good to ignore so my cash increase for the week was 41k.

Most of the items that made it to the top of the Mysales screenshot are a result of Patch sales. If you're a regular reader, you know I tend to make most of my gold with glyphs & cut rare gems. However, one of the tips I picked up from the Consortium guys was cloak enchants - off I went to check prices & see what stocks I had & promply realised no-one was covering the +50 critical strike enchant for the cloak. I started my price at around 250g per scroll but soon raised it to 325g as the supply of Greater Celestial Essences dried up & GCE prices shot up to 140g each!

I've also managed to sell a few of the Enchant Cloak - Protection scrolls for around 375g and the Cloak - Greater Intellect around the 475g mark. Not so many of those due to competition & the fact that the +50 crit only takes 2 GCE's whereas the Gtr Int takes 4. I also made a few of the Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats but competition was fierce so I've just stayed with the cloak enchants for now.

The only glyph to make the top page this week is, of course, the brand new shaman Glyph of Unleashed Lightning. I was the first to list on Wednesday morning & quickly sold 5 at 575g each, unfortunately competition arrived rapidly & by Friday morning, they were down to 95g each.

Whilst my scribe was the first toon I logged to get the glyph & the new relic recipes, she's also my JC so off I went to grab the new PVP rings & necklace recipes/patterns. I trotted round to the AH only to find that all of the JC items were already listed by multiple players - but none of the relics were so I listed just 1 of each.

I think most gold bloggers were forecasting/expecting inferno rubies to sell fast & high priced but even today (Monday) the prices on my server are struggling to get up to 120g, which is where they were just 2 or 3 weeks ago. Demonseye & Ember Topaz's on the other hand have shot up in price & even some of the Amberjewel cuts have hit 60g+.

I haven't been stockpiling dreamcloth on my tailor but I kinda regret that now! The epic spellthreads have been selling quite well with the few bits I did have but my tailor is badly neglected so now this is where I pay my price! Going forward, I now know to watch the spellthread markets & I guess the leg armour markets for my also neglected Leatherworker.

I did make a few pieces of the new Bloodthirsty PvP armour in both Leatherworking & my Blacksmith but none have sold so far. I guess they will start to move this week when the new season starts but if not, I have a rogue who can use the leather items & either my pally or DK can use the plate ones!

Besides all this Patch 4.2 stuff, good old Chocolate Cookies & Greater Eternal Essences once again make the top page of results. I now have some competition in the cookie market but I've slapped him (my husband) & told him he's got to wait until I get my cap! Hopefully another week of sales like the last few days & I may have to start writing my WarcraftEcon interview.

PS I use the Mysales addon for the screenshots, really easy to use & configure using just /ms window or /ms config commands.


  1. Of Course Choc Cookies made the list. You're the "Chocolate Cookie Queen", Nev!

  2. Thank you Cold! That made me chuckle on one of those 'blerggghhh' days. I may have to get a T-shirt made up :)

  3. Hey Nev-
    Could you give a little more detail about what you're doing to sell the Chocolate Cookies? Are you selling them in stacks or in singles? Do you bark in /2 when you post them?

    I've been trying to get into this market on my server, and it's been slow going...


  4. Heya Sprinks, I list them mainly in 20's and singles but sometimes in 5's or 10's too if there are any other sellers - I squeeze my auction in a prices between the others :) I do bark sometimes but only once or twice just before I log off my banker. I usually link the cookies & the 'Feel right as Rain' achievement. If you click the link above for the cookies - it will take you to a whole post about them :) Good luck!

  5. I had a good week of sales and am now over 1.1 million. Gems have been selling like crazy of course. I sold a couple of the new pvp pieces. I sold a decent number of beltbuckes.

    Enchants have been awesome. Stats to chest, haste to gloves, masterty to gloves, crit to cloak and Greater Int to cloak have been selling like crazy.

    Ore prices are finally coming back down as well.

  6. Heya Nev - just wanted to say thanks for the reply! I had tried selling the Chocolate Cookies in increments of 1, 5 and 10. It turns out that 20 is the magic number on my server simply because so many are required for the achievement.

    Once I moved to 20 at a time and threw out a bark every so often, I could hardly keep the things stocked on the AH. I've had to create a few alts just to run the Org cooking daily to supply my main with more Cocoa. o.O

    Thanks again for your insight!



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