Monday, 11 July 2011

What's Been Selling This Week & Big News!

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Well, it's been a good week for me - lots of sales & very little spending as I shifted many of the bits & pieces that I stockpiled in the week or two before patch 4.2 hit last week. Sales income of 67.2k & liquid gold increase of 68.7k meant that my spending was a negative 1000g! That surprised me a lot as I sat down to write this post but halfway through, I finally remembered that I sold some low level Darkmoon decks for 1000g via trade chat & I vendored about 10 stacks of Zephyrite, neither of which would show up in the MySales data!

This was the first full week of post patch sales & I find it interesting that none of my glyphs have made it to the top page. I guess the sheer volume & variety of cut gem sales has moved them down to the second page this week. Even my infamous Chocolate Cookies didn't make the first page, mainly due to my husband pinching my market! lol

So what did sell? Well, Ebonsteel Belt Buckles from my lowly lvl 75 warrior Blacksmith were a nice surprise when I finally got around to listing them - they kinda got lost in the mail & then the competition was really fierce so I played the waiting game & made a mini-killing when I managed to be the only one listing for a couple of hours one evening!

The scrolls for cloak enchants have continued to be good sellers although competition has increased towards the end of the week. Greater celestial essence prices have rocketed to 150g whilst the downward pressure on the final scrolls has also increased so I've backed off for now.

A new-ish item for me to sell is the two epic spellthreads from my tailor. As I mentioned last week, I'd let my dreamcloth cooldown pass me by so I didn't have very much dreamcloth available at all. Four spellthreads sold this week & that pretty much finished my supplies so I really must make sure to make my dreamcloth each week - it's easy money & really doesn't take long to do, especially as I have a fair few volatiles in stock.

On patch day, I checked the new JC pvp recipes & there was already major competition on the AH by the time I logged in so I made the 3 pvp inscription relics - finally managed to sell 2 of them this week although the prices are dropping rapidly so I probably won't make anymore for a while at least.

I think that pretty much covers this week & this will be the last 'what's been selling' post for the foreseeable future. Yup, the big news today is that I finally made the 1 million gold cap!

It feels like it's been a very long journey to this final goal but in reality, I started Cataclysm with 50k so 95% on my journey has taken place in almost exactly 7 months. The last 200k or so has really felt like a grind but I just couldn't stop when I was soooo close! I'm going to take a break from the compulsive, must relist auctions type of gold making that I've been doing but don't worry, I'm not going to stop blogging.

It's time to take my girlies through some Cata heroics & try to actually 'get good' on a least one character rather than ok-ish on four. I've said before that I'm nibbling at my Loremaster achievement as well as the Exalted one so I think now is the time to get those projects moving again. Yes, I'm swapping one compulsion for another but hey, isn't that what WoW is about?

Why a photo of a pensive lion, you may be wondering. Well, he's called the King of the Jungle & that's kind of how I felt when I hit the cap. Hugs & kisses from hubby & a few tears of joy & relief from me (yeah, I'm soppy) but at the same time a huge sort of 'what now?' feeling.

I don't usually talk about my photos here but before anyone asks, yes, I really was that close - no telephoto lens & the only crop was the sides to make it square. No, he's not tame but there is a glass wall between us, in case you were curious :D


  1. Grats, Nev!

    It feels good to get to a place where you feel like you can afford to take a break. I've personally done as much "real playing" in the past week as I have since I dinged 85, months ago.


  2. Big grats Nev! This takes real dedication. You're an inspiration to me.

    I've added this post to our Community Gold-Making Milestones page.

  3. @Kathroman, I know exactly what you mean. I've put 7 lvls on my hunter since last Wednesday & she was created last summer! She's almost on her way to Northrend now :)

    @Flux Thank you my friend, it feels strange that your stuff inspires me & now I'm your inspiration too :P Thanks for the add to the milestones as well :D

  4. Well Done Nev!

    I love all your posts and am so happy to see you hit 1,000,000, which seems far off with 725,000 to go.



  5. @Caidenn Thank you so much, it's been a long road but you're well on your way & if you don't play it safe & McScrooge like I did, I'm sure you'll get there quicker than I did :)

  6. Congrats on the milestone!

    Once I hit 1.2 million I bought my wife and I a Vial of the Sands each. The thing about gold makers like it hurts a little to throw down a huge chunk like that. I wont even buy BOE epic upgrades. After I purchased it, it was enjoyable though. The hard part is making myself spend my hard earned gold.

  7. Congrats on your goal.

    Im curntly around 150k gold and bringing in 10-20k a week so I have à long way to go.

  8. Grats Nev! 1 mil is no joke!

  9. @Darraxus - nope, I couldn't wait :) I bought the mammoth with the vendors, a chopper & the Kirin Tor ring last night, got an order in for 2 more choppers & trying to find someone with Vial of the sands. I might stop spending when I get back down to 750k but I really need some gear for my 4 abandoned 85's!

    @Henrik - thank you. It will come as you get more experience or as you spend more to make it happen. It seems to breed itself after a while :)

    @Cold - Thanks Cold - nope but I wanted to draw 6 little smiley faces instead of all those zero's :)

  10. scottiegazelle12 July 2011 at 18:33


  11. @Buyit & Scottie - thank you :)

  12. Congratulations [belated]

    Keep the alliance side of CoA in check :P
    xoxo anaalius

  13. @Anaalius - thank you too :)


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