Wednesday, 30 March 2011

They Love Me in That Tunnel!

They must do by now, I've done it twice this week! Timbermaw rep, that is. The talented Alto posted on Sunday about gaining Timbermaw reputation which is something I had been meaning to do for ages but didn't fancy the grind that I thought it was. His post mentioned 30mins- 1hr so I thought I'd give it a go with my holy priest enchanter. Took me a little longer even though she was already almost honoured with them but it still wasn't the long laborious trek I had expected. The Timbermaw Quartermaster has lots of recipes, the only two that I'm really aware of as being still relevant are the Enchant Weapon - Agility & the Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility. He also has leatherwork, blacksmith & tailoring recipes but I guess those items don't have the staying power that the Enchants do.

The only problem with both these Enchants is the mats - Essence of Air is as rare as hen's teeth & twice as expensive whilst Large Brilliant Shards seem to have almost disappeared off the AH too.

Bring on my 2nd run through the Timbermaw Rep - my paladin was my main for a long time so she is my Achievement Queen & I just had to get her the Exalted rep. She is also my favourite alt for random farmings so once she was Exalted (1hr 5mins from hostile to exalted, btw) I sent her off to Silithus to farm for the Essence of Air.

I must admit, I was kicking myself most of the time I spent in Silithus. I'd read somewhere, pre-Cata, about stocking up on these Airs & had managed to grab about 10 of them for 20g each pre-Cata. The bit I either missed or forgot, was what they were used for! So almost as soon as Cata hit, I also sold them - for about 85g each - nice profits but nowhere near as nice as if I'd hung on to them until now!

Anyway, 1 hour in Silithus netted me 9 Essence of Air, 20 or so Elemental Air & 12 Breath of Wind as well as 30-ish Twilight Encrypted Texts & a few Core of Earths. When I got back to Stormwind, I put a few of the elemental airs & breath of wind on the AH for 15g & 25g respectively - most have sold so that was a nice little side income as well as the 100g or so of vendor trash. As for the Twilight Texts, I had no idea what they were for - Cenarion Circle reputation apparently so I've shoved them in the bank for later.

Next stop - find out where to get Large Brilliant Shards - oh look, the lovely Kuja Klo just posted 'how to make gold in classic instances' & there's a whole bit on brilliant shards! How very timely! Only one problem for me - I hate to admit this but I've never done Black Rock Spire on any of my alts! I don't do that many dungeons whilst levelling up so somehow, I've missed this one completely. I think that having fallen in the lava off those chains so many times on my paladin (early days, oh such early days!) that I have subconciously avoided the whole place.

Edited to Add: Kammler also has a great post re the shards in his Keystone Enchanting Materials post & Faid has a video run through in her Faidian Slip #14. I didn't see these before I posted so adding them now for future reference :)

For now, I already have 8 brilliant shards & 8 essence of air so I can produce 2 of the 1H weapon scrolls - there's only 1 on our AH this week so far - at 1500g. I'm going to wait a while to see if it sells or the same guy just keeps posting the same scroll but at that price, I figure, if they are selling, then an hour in Silithus might actually be quite profitable especially if I go back to work on my Cenarion Circle rep too.

Do you guys ever go farming for those super expensive, rare mats or do you just snatch them off the AH when you can?


  1. I've been farming the airs for the past week or so, and the drop rate is pretty horrible compared to WOTLK days. Still, I pulled in 9 Essence of Air the last time I was there, and that's not too bad. Seeing no air in the AH, I tossed up all 9 at 200g each. (I was feeling cheeky!) None have sold yet (I'm not surprised at this) but I think that I may try to play with the market on these and bring the going price up to about 50g.

    I have yet to go farming the shards, but think I may give that a shot tonight. I also haven't tried posting the enchants yet to see how sales go. I'll have to dig through TUJ first though to see if they have actually been selling or just reposting.

  2. I also have one of my alchemist do a essence of water to air transmute every day. The recipe for it is an old vanilla one but should be easy enough to get hold of.

  3. Large Brilliants and Blackrock Spire seem to be on everyone's mind lately! The video here may help you navigate your way through. It's not the linear-way through the dungeon, but I farmed all of my lockboxes for Insane there and it was the way I found most-efficient.

    I farm my Large Brilliants (Going to put up another post about a different way to farm them later today) but tend to buy my essences.

  4. Personally I just grab them from the AH. But when I have a few minutes to kill and I've done my auctions already I'll port to CoT and farm some essences. I've raised my buying price for these quite a bit since cata was released and they sell as high as 550g. Just keep in mind that you're not the only person who can't get a good supply of these.

  5. @Zath - unfortunately, no TUJ for me, I'm EU :)

    @David - ooh, haven't got that recipe - I'll have to go wowhead it!

    @Faid - thanks for the link - I didn't see those before I posted my post.

    @Stokpile - yeah, I tend to buy most stuffs but there are so few around, I figured I might make a killing (ha ha!) one way or the other.

  6. Thanks for the shout out and link Nev!

    I have a Direbrew Remote so I can port down by the Grim Guzzler. That saves a ton of time. Then its a quick run through the second half--maybe 15 min, maybe 20. Should net you upwards of 9 shards.

    Easy peasy!

  7. @Kammler - I like to link where I can, especially when it's really relevant & as always, well written :)

    On a side note - I snagged 12 airs & 9 shards off the AH yesterday - 200g the lot! Woo hoo, thanks to Blizzard for making us a 'new players' server *evil grin*


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