Thursday, 18 October 2012

Leveling 85 to 90 - How Much Gold Can You Earn?

I've often wondered just how much gold can be earned just by leveling. You know, quest rewards, loot & vendor trash, not to mention all the good stuff you can pick up along the way. So this time through, I actually managed to keep track of it and thought I would share it with you.

I took my Paladin through to 90 purely by questing, no dungeons, no Auction House activities & no battlegrounds. You can see from the screenshot below, over 7 days, she earned almost 6000 gold. What the screenshot doesn't show is how much good stuff she picked up! Ignore the outgoings - I nabbed flying & the yak mounts as soon as I dinged!

addon used here is Auditor
Just after she hit 90 & I'd got out of combat, I did a quick check of her inventory - 390 Exotic Leather, 39 Sha-touched leather, 1 Magnificent Hide, 68 Prismatic Scales & 7 Sprits of Harmony. I did lose track of all the cooking materials she picked up as I did do a bit of cooking leveling & I sent about 22 green armour/weapons to my enchanter. I haven't disenchanted everything yet - I'm keeping some bits back for my alts but the prices of gear on the Auction House are so low during this initial rush that I may even end up buying stuff to disenchant!

All that leather meant that I managed to level my profession to 600 without having to spend any gold at all & I still have leather left over too. It's difficult to quantify just how much all this stuff is worth though but at a rough guess, I'd say about 1000 gold for the leather, 550 gold for the Prismatic Scales & if I use the average Golden Lotus price to value my Spirits of Harmony, then around 4000 gold for those.

That makes around 10,500 gold over the process of leveling just 5 levels - not too shabby at all!

I'm just about to start leveling my next alt so I'll try to keep better records this time! I don't cook on most of my alts so it will be easier to keep track on those materials. I've not decided which alt is next though - my heart says go with DK or Hunter as they are both fairly well geared & shouldn't be too difficult. My brain says if I don't level my rogue or priest soon, it will take me 2 years to move them along & my inner goblin says 'get those damn professions leveled as cheaply as possible' which means probably my recently dinged 85 Warrior miner/blacksmith but she's another melee. oh well, I shall ponder it a while longer & let you know next time.

Happy Goldmaking peeps


  1. I really liked this read Nev, very interesting analysis, never would have thought to do this!

    Just curious when you say cooking mats, were you farming your Tillers farm daily, or are we talking meat from mobs?

  2. Hey Phat - glad you liked it :) I didn't start my farm until almost my last day of leveling so yes, I'm talking purely about cooking mats dropped by mobs.


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