Sunday, 19 August 2012

Quick Basic Tip to Find Great Deals on Auction House

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Just a quick post today relating to a happy accident I had this week. I was going to list my few Firefin Snapper, but the starting price was only 7 coppers! When I looked at the details in the Auctionator Buy tab, there were a few others too - also in the mere coppers sell price. So I grabbed them up & relisted them straightaway with my own Snappers.

Now I could have left it at that but then I wondered if the same person had listed anything else this cheap. I haven't worked out a quick way to see all of a players auctions within the game yet (although you can on The Undermine Journal) so I just did a general search on some of the Trade items. Auctionator will let you search all the herbs at once & sort them by price. Sure enough, there were a whole load of herbs listed at mere coppers.

So what does a good goblin do? Buy them all up of course! You can see from my screenshot that I also managed to snag some wool & medium leather too. Ignore the Cinderbloom in the screenie - that was cheap on the day although prices have plummeted since then!

So here's the screenshot of my auctions page after I relisted all my bargains! This is just a part of the haul that day but 5 briarthorn for 5 silver flipped to 7 gold is the kind of flip I like! I've been double checking the general searches I created that day & have since picked up quite a bit of other stuff posted at similarly stupid low prices.

Now before you say anything about why a WoW millionaire is messing with this low value stuff, this is on my US account. I don't have any professions sorted out yet, no heirlooms or much cash so this is how I make a lot of my starter cash. I'm posting this as a lesson for any newbie goldmakers out there. It's a two part lesson as well - how to search for stuff to flip & also a cautionary tale of watch your listing prices when you post your own auctions!

If you've just installed an auction house addon like Auctionator, Auctioneer or TSM (Trade Skill management), double check your settings & watch those listing prices like a hawk at first. There are many tales of woe amongst the gold making community of items listed at the wrong price - a forgotten 0 on an epic armour item or mount price is a very expensive lesson to learn!

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  1. Auctioneer will let you do a search for postings by a specific user under the 'General' search tab. I've used it in the past under these exact circumstances. Very useful!


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