Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas is Coming! My Top 10 Most Wanted WoW Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming,
the goose is getting fat,
Nev's a little skint
so she's putting out the hat!

I thought I'd do a post to give you some ideas for Christmas gifts for the gamer in your life. If that's you, you could leave my list around & hope someone takes the hint! I'm hoping some of my loved ones might take note too but I'm not sure they even know how to find my blog! They glaze over every time I mention WoW! lol

So without further ado, here's my Top 10 items I'd love to find in my Christmas stocking or under the Christmas tree.

Horde Wrapping Paper!  How cool is this? Imagine the look on the face of your Horde gamer when they see all their presents wrapped in this! There's also an Alliance version of course!

Monopoly - World of Warcraft Collectors Edition - I really like playing board games, has always been a family tradition to play during Christmas holidays so this would be a really cool gift for me!

I'd Rather Be Playing WoW T-shirt - says exactly how I feel most of the time when I'm not at home!

World of Warcraft 2014 Calendar - I love the art of World of Warcraft so this way, I'd get a new poster for my wall every month! Oh! and I like calendars too.

Frostmourne Sword Keyring - just broke my old favorite keyring and as an added bonus, this one looks fairly pointy for late night self-defence for me too! lol

The Epic Purple T-shirt from Jinx - well purple is my favorite color anyway but to have a shirt declaring myself Epic! That would be super sweet!

Deathwing Bi-Fold Leather Wallet - ok, this is kind of bloke-ish maybe but I have so many plastic cards of various descriptions, my girlie coin purse just isn't big enough! A man wallet is great for keeping all that plastic under control!

Eat Sleep WoW car window decal - just a funny & clever saying for a small gift for someone - would be fun to try to spot these on long journeys.

Timewalkers - Reign of Fire Sealed Booster Box - I've talked about these before and I still think they could be good for making some real cash on. With the end of the WoW TCG, the rare mounts and pets from these booster sets will only go up in value.

Throw Pillow for Warlocks who miss their Voidwalkers! - so cuddly! I think it's a Voidwalker but whatever it is, it's gorgeous!

Cute Murloc Plushie in Green & Red - my favorite plushie of all the various Murlocs I've seen. If I can only have one present this year, I think this would be my choice!


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