Thursday, 5 December 2013

30 Minutes a Day Project - Days 1-3

I went to wowrealmpop to chose my new server - I wanted a high-ish population server and when I saw that Thunderhorn has just been merged with Wildhammer, I thought I'd have a peek at how the new connected realms are working out. I have a friend playing on Thunderhorn already although he's on the other side (Hi Scummy!) so I'm not cheating on that bit!

Today is day 3 already and my Shaman (Lyss) is just level 4 - she does have a tiny bit of cash and some new bits of gear from the initial quests but 15 minutes for questing really isn't much time at all! I'm pretty sure I can do this bit of the project ok.

Day 1

My banker is a human rogue, Kala for short and I had a bit of a backfire on my plans for this young lady. On Day 1, I ran her straight to Stormwind and once there, straight to the Fishing Trainer. I'll leave the next bit to your imagination but fishing training costs 95 copper! I'm pretty sure I went through my whole swear word vocabulary as I hearthed back to Northshire to do a few quests and promptly ran out of time!

Day 2

Day 2 went a little better but not much. Having done just 2 or 3 of the start zone quests, I once again ran all the way to Stormwind with my hard earned coppers in my hand and promptly started swearing again as I found out that not only is fishing training 95 coppers, you also need to be level 5- arrrgghh! I was level 4.5 so I just ran to the area outside Stormwind gates & killed a few wolves. Once I dinged 5, I went back to the fishing trainer for the 3rd time & finally got my training!

That left me with maybe 2 minutes left to do a bit of fishing & to run to the Alchemy shop to buy any cheap herbs from the Alchemy supplies lady there. I managed to pick up 2 silverleaf & 3 peaceblooms - all for 38 copper each (1s 90c total).

Day 3

Day 3 started off much better! I did a bit more fishing and listed the herbs on the Auction House for 59silver each with a 1 silver listing fee. I did a full scan of the Auction House using TSM (Trade Skill Master) and then did a vendor search - only 2 items turned up - both costing over a gold each so that wasn't much use for me with only 6 silver in my bags.

I had a look at all the usual items at the bottom end of the price scale - copper ore, linen cloth, peacebloom & silverleaf - looking for a few that were cheaper than most of the others so I could flip them. Wow! Even linen was at 60-80silver a piece so that was a bit of a shock to my system! I wasn't going to put a profession on my Shaman but I think I may have to in order to get some gold flowing! When I find the profession trainer, I'll pick up herbalism & mining or skinning & just send it all to my banker.

Twitter Question

Bill asked if I'd be listing addons, sites & spreadsheets used - I'm not sure how much use it will be but I think I will create a spreadsheet to keep track of sales/purchases etc. As for addons - I use a combination of TSM & Auctionator in the Auction House. I like the vendor search function of TSM & the full scan too but I really like the way Auctionator shows search results. Until I get much higher up the gold ladder, I'm not likely to use TSM groups for auction listing either so I'll most likely be doing most of my flipping manually using Auctionator to list my items.

For questing, I use Carbonite - I like the extra mini map as I can resize it to how I want it & I can zoom in/out using my mouse scroll wheel. The ingame minimap is just too small for me to get my bearings when I'm out questing too. Cold gives me a lot of stick about my reliance on Carbonite but I love it!

Other addons in regular use are Postal (slowly being superceded by TSM Mailing though), My Sales (for the simple screenshots for my weekly sales reporting) and Bartender to change my toolbars to how I like them. I have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) and Skada installed but I'm not likely to use them much for now!

Another tip from Twitter

So there we go - not much gold flowing yet! I should be ashamed of myself but it's been a long while since I started fresh & I have never played on a high pop server either. If you have any tips or suggestions like Selltacular's tweet, feel free to pop them in the comments or tweet me. If you feel like trying this little side project yourself, keep notes and maybe write up a guest post for me if you don't have your own blog. We all do things differently so it would be interesting to see how you get started fresh.

Til next time, have fun :)


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  1. Made me laugh Nev, should be a good series if you keep up the posting on it! ;)

  2. Hey Nev! Don't forget about low-ball bids. Starting on a high-pop server a while back showed me that people often forget or don't realize how low their starting bids are when they're posting items.


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