Wednesday, 18 December 2013

30 Minutes a Day Project - Days 10 - 12

This project is one of those that seem like a good idea at the time but that get out of hand very quickly! I keep wanting to log in to see if my auctions have sold or if I can find any more cheap stuff to buy! The knack of flipping cheap stuff in the early stages of making gold is definitely frequency. The more often you can log in to start with, the less time profits are just sitting unused in your mailbox and the better chance you have of nabbing the bargains.

Day 10

Having said that, Day 10, I wasn't able to log in more than once and that was in the evening. I did pull 22g 60s out of the mailbox from selling all the Mageweave Cloth & the Exotic Leather. That gave me about 80g to play with as I started looking for bargains. I spent almost all of it this time - between bids, relisting lots of stuff & buying a stack of Rugged Leather to take a gamble on the Winter Veil boom, I didn't leave much of a safety net! Just 6 gold left in the coffers as I closed out the day.

I also fell back into one of my old getting started tricks. I learned Tailoring and Enchanting on my Banker. I've been picking up so much cheap Linen Cloth that I just don't have the bag space for it now. I know it will sell and almost double my money but there is an even better way. I converted all of it to Bolts of Linen Cloth which gave me 46 skill points & then I learnt and made 10 sets of Brown Linen Pants. The Brown Linen Pants take 2 bolts of linen and a coarse thread - that's just 4 pieces of Linen Cloth so the overall cost is less than 20silvers usually.

Next I picked up Enchanting, made my enchanted copper rod and disenchanted all the Brown Linen Pants - that gave me 14 Strange Dust and with the two extras I picked up from the Enchanting Supplies vendor, I listed the Strange Dust at 19g 84s. By spending a few minutes crafting and disenchanting, I potentially turned 2 gold into almost 20 gold. You have to watch the Strange Dust market prices and judge for yourself but as long as you don't swamp the market and crash the price, it will sell.

Day 11

The first day of Winter Veil and I had high hopes for selling my cheap wool for good prices. I logged in just before 10.30am to find that the wool prices were still stupid low so I just emptied the mailbox of 24g and promptly logged out again!

Late afternoon, early evening, I logged back in and lo and behold, the wool prices were semi-reasonable. Not as high as I had hoped they would go but still, very nice profits there if I could sell mine at those prices too. I did make a mistake somewhere though - I bid 8g20 per stack for 3 stacks of Wool Cloth - way above what I had been spending - not really sure what happened but I figure I'll be lucky not to make a loss on those.

Day 12

Well, the first day of Winter Veil seemed a bit hopeless but I guess most of my customers waited until the evening to buy stuff! I logged in this morning to find 166 gold in the mailbox! All the Wool Cloth, the Rugged Leather and the Strange Dust had sold overnight so that was a huge relief!

I made some more Brown Linen Pants and disenchanted them. This time 25 Pants gave me 27 Strange Dust & 6 Lesser Magic Essences - at a cost of about 7gold. I listed the dust & essences to give a potential sale price of 26g as the Strange Dust price has slipped a little.

I listed some more wool & a stack of Rugged Leather that I snatched up quickly then logged off. This 15 minutes a day is very restrictive as I could easily spend much more time scanning the AH and looking for deals but that's the habit I'm trying to break! To get my enjoyment of the rest of the game back, I have to wean myself off scanning the Auction House for hours on end!

Last thing last night, I logged in just in case I'd made more sales - woop woop! another 170 gold in the mailbox - all the Strange Dust, Magic Essences had sold and best of all, the slight gamble on the Rugged Leather had paid off too - 35g turned to 100g in just a few hours! Now I have over 300 gold to play with tomorrow so it's time to start looking at slightly more expensive items.


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  1. I'm really enjoying reading your posts about this!

    "To get my enjoyment of the rest of the game back, I have to wean myself off scanning the Auction House for hours on end!" made me laugh, because I do the exact same thing.

  2. Why not use the remote auction house?
    That way you can follow up the status of your items or post items when they are at your desired price. You can do this when you have a few spare minutes during the day. Gives you also more ingame time.
    Or is this cheating?

    1. Hmmm - very good idea but I think it does feel a little like cheating! I'm not a big fan of the Remote AH - mainly because my phone screen is too small & I get impatient with the loading times!

      It's definitely a good idea for other newbie gold makers though - especially at the beginning when cycling gold received back into stuff to list & sell is one of the best ways of increasing your stash!

  3. I use it a lot since I'm not exatly in good health and can't go on my laptop whenever I want. This means that expired items are sitting in my mailbox for days, during that time, the items could have been posted 3-4 times with the remote ah instead of just gathering dust (and not the good hypnotic kinds!) in my mailbox during the days I'm unable to play. I never collect my money with it though, I always gather ingame so TSM can gather the data.
    1 downside: you can only make 200 auctions (buying, selling and bidding all together).
    I think the app is supposed to be small since I have to double the size of it on my ipad

  4. I ended up trying this myself. I stopped after 5-6 days when I had made 2k in cash and had another 1.5~ in items. I took a very different approach to skipping out of all the low level stuff.


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