Sunday, 22 December 2013

30 Minutes a Day Project - Day 13 - 15

Time for another update on this project of mine! I'm torn between just getting everything up to date in one mega post or breaking it up but I think I'll stick to 3 days at a time, even if I get a little behind with posting! I hope you're enjoying these updates - I'd love to hear any more lowbie tips from you - I'll admit, I'm struggling a bit here!

Day 13
One thing I keep forgetting to do is to make a note of my opening & closing balances - there's no excuse really as I have Auditor addon installed which gives me the totals for the day really easily and in a simple layout too!

Not really much to talk about today - I did the Auctioneer scan again to see if there were any items for easy money from the vendor search but that just reminded me why I gave up on Auctioneer! The scan takes so long! I had just enough time to check the vendor search then to grab a few bargains from the trade Goods/Herbs category and to get them listed. Closing balance today was 301 gold - not very impressed with my lowbie gold making skills right now!

Day 14
Today was a better day overall with a mailbox opening of 65 gold and a Blingtron loot sale of 16 gold too. I received an email from Misha, reminding me that the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater can be disenchanted into Strange Dust & Lesser Magic Essences. When I say 'reminding me', that's what Misha thought he was doing but actually, I didn't know in the first place so thank you Misha!

But here's the funny thing - I wasn't concentrating this evening so rather than waste time getting my bank alt to Ironforge, I took my baby Shaman there instead. She bought 15 sweaters and ran to the mailbox. Oops! I hadn't noticed they were Bind on Pickup so now my baby Shaman has Enchanting as a profession too! As for not wasting time - by the time I'd made this mistake and learned enchanting, I didn't have enough cash on the Shaman to send them or list them on the Auction House so I had to log my banker anyway!

The 15 Sweaters cost me a whole 3silver and 30 coppers but as you can see above, Strange Dust alone is selling currently for well over 2gold each so it's well worth the few minutes it takes to disenchant them! What a great tip for anyone trying to build their first bit of capital! Just don't flood the market!

I regularly check the Linen Cloth & Strange Dust markets for just this reason - when linen is mega-cheap, I buy it and convert to Strange Dust. I almost always have some Strange Dust listed on the Auction House and can usually get 2g per Dust easily. In terms of percentage profits it's probably one of the best little corner markets out there. Sadly the quantities that sell don't make it the best income source but added to other small markets, it adds a nice little chunk to your weekly income, especially when you are still building up your capital.

Day 15
Another ok day at the mailbox - 73 gold picked up and another Blingtron dropped meant 4 gold from selling the vendor trash it gave me!

As you can see below, I dived into the Herb category again and grabbed some more bargains. It took me back into Wrath times when I saw Terocone so cheap and Talandra's Rose too - I remember farming Zul Drak for hours for Talandra's Rose although I can't remember why now!

The Strange Dust from yesterday all sold too so off I went to the Smokeywood Pastures vendor and bought 30 more Sweaters! I'm sure I could sell almost all of the Strange Dust even if I disenchanted 100 sweaters but with the time limit constraint, 30 is more than enough to keep the gold rolling in!

Closing balance for today is 364 gold. It seems I've forgotten how to really make gold fast at low levels. I did a Gold Rush thing a couple of years ago and came about 4th or 5th with a total sales figure over 50,000 gold. There's no way I'm getting near that this time but I don't think it's just me. Back then, during Cataclysm, we had the Volatiles markets and I remember flipping low price Volatiles of all sorts for way more than I'd paid! It helped that Volatiles stacked in 200's as well as the volume turnover meant that even profit of just a few silvers each could mean quite a nice chunk on a full stack. I also flipped glyphs for nice profits too - the market was pretty mobile so it was easy to pick up good glyphs for cheap & sell them a day or two later for 2, 3 or 4 times the purchase price.

I also didn't have the time constraint so I'm wondering just how much I could be making if I removed the 15 minutes limit. I'm not going to, of course! That would negate the whole idea of this little project but it has got me thinking of my next project! Once we hit 31st December, I may just send all this gold to my leveling alt and restart the same idea but without the time constraint. I'm not sure I'd report it in such detail either but perhaps a weekly update of time spent and a screenshot of what's been selling.

I've had quite a few comments and messages about this project so I hope you're enjoying my misadventures in lowbie gold making! I know it's probably not that interesting to experienced gold makers but I think it does illustrate quite well which markets to look at when looking for stuff to flip when starting out. I'd hoped to have a lot more gold by now so you could see the mid-range price markets start coming within my pockets reach but there's still time for that!


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  1. Thanks for this posts! I LOVE them all! I just started to play wow and AH seems to be quite fun to play with! :) Please continue writing more of this kind of posts! :)


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