Wednesday, 4 December 2013

30 Minutes a Day Project - The Plan!

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If you've been reading here a while or listening to the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast, you'll know I'm in a bit of a WoW slump at the moment. So I've come up with a mini project to try & rekindle my enthusiasm for WoW and wean me off Hearthstone!

Yes, it's another new alt, new realm project - you'd think I'd already have enough baby alts dotted around but I do like these mini projects. This time though, there is a slight difference and as the next month includes not only my Christmas/New Year break from work but also some sick leave, I should have plenty of time to see this through!

The Plan
  • Create two new alts on a new server - mid-high population & run one straight to Stormwind - no questing, nothing, just 15 mins a day for a month (at least, maybe longer if I've got my mojo back!) & see how much gold I can make
  • The second alt will be a Shaman and I will be levelling her without heirlooms but again, only for 15 minutes a day.
  • Each day, I will screen shot the played time for each alt (or perhaps the altoholic window) & number them.
  • For the banker, I will document everything done - flipping, selling stuff from the leveling alt, crafting etc
  • To get started, I will join any guild that is offering gold for signatures
  • If no guild signatures then I'll sell my bankers start-up gear, buy fishing rod & train. I'll fish for the remainder of the time that day & sell it all to the vendor.
  • I might cheat a little by having a 1st day extension of a few minutes if I get enough cash from vendoring the fishing spoils and run to both herb vendors & list those herbs on AH - log off
  • Then log to Shaman & level a bit. At 12 minutes in, run to mailbox, send stuff to banker & log off.

I did think about not using addons either but I think that's probably going too far! I love my addons! I think this could be a useful exercise for me as it has been a long while since I tried making gold at low levels and I've never played on a busy realm before either. It will be interesting to see how different things are and the 15 minute time limit will help me stay focused too.

As I mentioned in the podcast last week - part of the big attraction of Hearthstone for me is the shorter time frame for games - I know I can log in & just play a couple of games & not lose 2-3 hours. With WoW, I can lose an hour in the Auction House alone, let alone chatting with friends and guildies or doing any of the crafting cooldowns or even questing!

So the plan is to start 1st December & keep going all the way to the New Year - I may have to miss a day or two as I'm going in to hospital but I'll treat myself to some extra time in the days following! I'll be keeping good notes but I won't be posting every day - probably just once a week so keep an eye open if you're learning to make gold - I may stumble over something useful for you :)


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  1. Wow, I was also looking for something to rekindle my desire for wow. I think that I will try this.


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