Monday, 2 September 2013

WoW Trading Card Game Ceasing - Time To Take A Gamble?

Just over a week ago, Blizzard announced that they would be ceasing support for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game amidst much disappointment & some surprise. Along with the cessation of the physical cards, Blizzard will no longer be running official tournaments although there are many player-run tournaments so those will probably continue for a while yet.

When they released the amazing Timewalkers - Reign of Fire box set at the end of July, there was quite a bit of excitement over it. The Timewalkers - Reign of Fire box set is pretty unique as it includes all the previous loot cards - pets, mounts & novelty items that were specific to previous expansion sets. They also increased the drop rates so players had a much better chance of getting their hands on some of these rare loot cards including the Feldrake, Big Battle Bear and Spectral Tigers.

So why am I, an in game gold maker telling you about all this? Well, I've made some good gold from selling a few of the rare mounts - I sold a Spectral Tiger for over 500,000 gold last year & I'm currently selling an Amani Dragonhawk. The loot card pets also sell well but those I tend to buy to use as giveaways here on the blog - I recently gave away Bloat the Bubblefish and have a few more pets stocked up for future giveaways.

With the cessation of the TCG, many of these pets & mounts will probably see price increases, either on ebay, Amazon or in game as supply is highly likely to dry up. With the imminent release of Hearthstone though, there is some speculation as to whether these rare mounts & pets will turn up in that game. We know that Blizzard have other pets & mounts in the shop but there is always the possibility that the TCG ones may turn up there too!

Personally, I'm going to snap up any TCG pets I see on the Auction House that are underpriced - with the reality of Connected Realms looming ever closer after patch 5.4, I think my Auction House will likely explode into activity & I want to be ready to sell to my new customers! It really helps that all these pets are classed as rare in game & most have really good pet battle abilities - I know Rez of Eviscerated Gaming Podcast loves his Vicious Grell for example!

These are the pets I'm going to be looking for!

I'm also considering buying one of the Timewalkers - Reign of Fire boxes - it is a bit of a gamble to be sure but with demand so high right now, I just need to get one decent pet or mount card out of the box & I'll have made my money back. When I look at the price of the mounts in particular, it's really hard not to take the gamble - I just have to decide if I can afford to take the chance. If I don't get a good one then at least I'll have a nice addition to my in-game collection of pets or mounts!


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  1. Hey--great blog! Curious how you sell the Warhawk/Spectral tiger. Do you sell the code in game? Or did they change it so the mount is not BOP?

    1. Hiya :) When you redeem the loot card code on your account then use the 2nd code to redeem in game, you get the mount in your bags - that can be sold in trade or in the Auction House as long as you don't learn it by accident! I actually bought mine in game from the Auction House and just resold them for profit!

  2. I played the TCG for a while only because i had bought some packs of cards in hopes of getting a loot card....well after a while of doing this i had so many cards i didn't know what to do with all the extra cards i had ....then by accident I found a card store near where i live that hosted World of Warcraft TGC tournaments so i played there once a week for two months and spent a lot of money buying more cards then quit because i realized it was more about how much money you were willing to spend to get the cards you needed to win the game then anything else....that was about 2 months before Blizzard pulled the plug on the TCG....i should have seen it coming when i saw TCG mounts and pets on the Black Market House.......


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