Friday, 6 September 2013

Preparing For Patches - All Change!

I think Blizzard have been very uncooperative this time around! Fancy letting a big patch go live the same day as our monthly Gold Blogging Carnival! Disgraceful! Ok, now I've vented (yeah, that's about all I got!) lets get on with this month's topic! Selltacular put out a tweet asking for topic ideas and Stede came up with this one

How do you prepare for changes in the game? How does it affect you at patch time?

Well, until now, I haven't really made any big efforts for patches - they always seem to arrive at inconvenient times for me but this time around, I have been slaving over the patch notes & writing posts like crazy! I know you guys think these posts are for your benefit but really, they are just my to-do lists in disguise!

My post on How to Prepare for a New Patch pretty much covers the beginning of my preparations and since then, I've been watching various markets & writing about them too. I've been buying up crafting materials like a crazy woman but I'm sure I'll be buying more right up to the last minute! It's going to be a long time before the next patch or expansion so even if I buy too much stuff now, as long as I can store it, I'll be able to sell it over time.

Selltacular asked for some useful links in this post too so rather than go through all my preparations, here are a few posts that cover most of what I've been doing!

  • Tailoring/Blacksmithing/Leatherworking - Want to know what the new crafting materials are? Try 'New Crafting Materials for Patch 5.4'
  • Enchanting/Enhancements Markets - these are changing to scaleable items 'Enchanting Changes'
  • Cooking/Buff Foods - new Noodle Carts & Buff Foods - see what's changing in my 'Feeding the Raiders' post
  • Engineering - There's a fantastic new mount coming for Engineers - the Sky Golem - and it will be saleable too! Get those cooldowns working - I reckon this one will sell like crazy!

That's about it for the information posts but I have also leveled a second Leatherworker to reduce the amount of time it takes to learn all the new crafted PvP gear and I've been looking for shortcuts to cheaper enchanting materials - I think the Enchants market will be an interesting one to watch as the changes take effect.

As for all the other changes like classes, glyphs, pvp, new areas to explore, new raid etc - I spend way too much time in the Auction House so I kind of skim read that part of the patch notes. I really want to get my girls out & about again though so maybe once the rush dies down, I can get them moving at last!

My plan for this weekend is to finish leveling Engineering on my Gnome Rogue - I really, really want that Sky Golem mount and I think my Gnome will love it! She already has the Chopper, a Kodo & a Grand Ice Mammoth & her favorite battleground move is Fan of Knives - she kneecaps everyone! I'm a terrible Rogue player but the sheer ridiculousness of that move always brings a big grin to my face! Have a great weekend everyone - the wait for patch is almost over - Are you ready?


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