Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What's Been Selling This Week? 23rd Sept Edition

Well it felt like it was a good week on the Auction House but I have been a bit distracted by Hearthstone & a few other projects too. It was only yesterday evening when I went to take a screenshot of the My Sales summary that I realised that after the mini-patch last maintenance day, I hadn't enabled out of date addons & none of my sales for the week have been recorded! I feel like I've been asleep most of the week or at least zoned out so I doubt my figures would have been that good anyway!

However, I can say that I haven't sold as many gems as the previous week or any of the new glyphs as I didn't craft any new ones & I've even let my daily Cooldowns slip a bit too. I have been selling some of the new Crafted PvP pieces though - not for the 1000g they were in the first week after patch but I have kept the price up to around 700g. That sounds great but actually, that's what I was selling the previous PvP gear for soit's not really that good as material costs are much greater this time.

Having said that, Exotic Leather is super cheap now - I'm so glad I didn't raise my buy price before the patch - I was a little worried that I wouldn't have enough Leather but not having played the PTR, I hadn't picked up on the Skinners Paradise that is the Timeless Isle! I even managed to grab a few stacks of Exotic leather at 10-15g per stack!

Mysterious Fortune Cards are still selling well - my super cheap competitor must be busy over on the Isle or raiding or something because I've had almost no competition again this week. I'm not complaining - I still have over 1000 in stock so I'll be selling these until the next expansion I reckon!

As for the Isle? Well, I took my Paladin over first and got a whole load of 496 purples - sent some to my DK & then took her over too. Wow! What a difference between the two - my Pally can barely manage to stay alive, even though she has a much higher item level. My DK is blood spec though so although she stays alive pretty well, she takes forever to kill anything!

My paladin is my skinner too so I keep kept getting distracted by all that lovely leather just laying around! I'm not sure which alt I'll take over there next or quite what to do once I'm there to be honest. I quickly got bored of chest hunting & rare chasing isn't really much fun when you die in the first 30 seconds or so! lol

I made sure to turn my add-ons back on so hopefully normal reporting will resume next week. I did find this cool graph bit in TSM but I haven't got my head around the Accounting reporting function yet. You can clearly see when the Patch 5.4 activity started though & you can also see the flatline near the top where I didn't even log in for a day or two! Oops!


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  1. I have the opposite problem with rare hunting on my busy server. The rares spawn and are dead in less than 20 seconds. No chance of anyone ever getting killed by them, but if you aren't already waiting where it is about to spawn you have zero chance of getting a hit on it :(


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