Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What's Been Selling This Week? 8th Sept Edition

This will be the last sales snapshot before Patch 5.4 arrives and I think I'm just about all ready for that! I wondered whether to even post this but I think it will be interesting to see how things change post-patch next week so here it is as usual!

There's a few changes this week - most noticeably the drop off in Mysterious Fortune Card sales - that damn competitor is still selling masses of cards at 7g a piece and I don't want to compete at that price. I refuse to buy him out as he's already had more than enough of my gold! So I guess I'll just have to wait him out & post when he slacks off!

Another new item in my list is the Ghost Iron Dragonling & the Tinker's Gears - yup - I finally got my Engineering leveled - just in time for patch day! I did learn one valuable lesson though - I went shopping for materials 2 weeks ago, using the materials list on wow-professions but I failed to read through to the next paragraph! If only I'd seen that, I'd have saved myself a bunch of gold as leveling Engineering on a Gnome is a different set of materials- hence the Fel Iron Bars you see in my list!

The usual suspects are still doing ok though - Mammoth Mining Bags & Rich Purple Silk Shirts continue to sell nicely. My newer markets like gems & shoulder inscriptions are doing well (considering how low population my server is after all!) and even a few level 83 & 84 greens are selling.

I spent a chunk of the weekend crafting Enchants, Gems & smelting like crazy. I think I'm just about ready for patch day & I've even managed to book the Thursday off work too - it's the first big patch I've made an effort for so I want to be there to see those sales rolling in!

Whilst the rest of the server is crowding onto the Timeless Isle, I'll be sitting in my corner watching the chaos from afar - my main isn't geared enough to even attempt it yet but I do have to take my 2 Leatherworkers, Blacksmith, Engineer &  my Tailor out for a little bit of mob killing and yeah - bad planning by me - that's 5 different alts need to go killing to get the Pandaria drop new patterns for the cooldowns!

Next weeks report should show lots of PvP crafted gear sales again as I fully intend making lots of that stuff. I'm not sure how the enchants, gems & enhancement markets will go but I'm hopeful for a nice boost in those too. I think I'll probably put the MFC's and greens into the guild bank to make bags space for the rest of the stuff but I'll be winging it a lot of the time anyway!

And there's more good news too! My favorite leveling guide has been fully updated to patch 5.4 and is 50% off this week which makes it even better value than before! I love my Zygor's Guide & I'd be totally lost without it! Back at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria, I even wrote a whole post about how much I love Zygors if you want to read the full love story! lol

Have a profitable patch week & most of all, enjoy all the new stuff!


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  1. I must admit, I love the Zygor guides too. I've been using them for several years. One of the more difficult things I have to deal with is concentration. My memory and concentration are so bad that the slightest thing can distract me. It makes levelling take so long when I'm having a bad day. As I need to have a character at max level as quick as possible for raiding, I use the guide to power the first character through and then wander through everything on my alts as leaisurely as I like reading all the text and enjoying the story.

  2. You're advertising paid gold guides now? That is so sad.

    1. If you're referring to the Zygor's link in the post - it's actually a leveling guide & a very good one at that! And yes, I've had adverts for guides on my blog for well over a year now - but I've read the ones I recommend & for those with a bit of spare cash & not much time, they are a godsend. And by the way, I spend hours writing, researching & answering emails here, why shouldn't I make the occasional few dollars? I'm sure as heck not gonna get rich from it!

  3. I use Zygor Guides and they are not gold guides but if you follow along with the quests you'll make plenty of gold, plus leveling gthering professions along the way will add a lot too your bank roll.

    I leveled my first 5 toons to 80 with out Zygor and been using it with all my toons and have around 16 90s and climbing. It makes my /played time look good around 1-90 in 4 days or less.

    Oh and Nev nice info.


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