Saturday, 14 September 2013

Timeless Isle - Island of Loot & Leather

Patch 5.4 finally arrived this week and as planned, I took all my crafting alts out to do some random killing in Pandaria to get the relevant new recipes (Hardened Magnificent Hide, Celestial Cloth, Balanced Trillium Ingot & Jard's Peculiar Energy Source) before taking my main over to the new Timeless Isle. Having been at work on Patch Day, I didn't get to the Isle until about 9pm and to say it was crazy busy would probably be the biggest understatement of the year! I didn't know that many people were still playing!

I probably made the best decision to do my craft/AH stuff before heading to the Isle though! There were only 4 Crafted Malevolent PvP items on the AH until I got there! My Paladin was only just about geared for the very first level of LFR so the mobs on the Isle are pretty hard work for her! With so many other players there though, I was pretty much able to just run around & pick up the treasure chests which yielded about 6 new pieces of item level 496 Epic armor items as well as shedloads of Timeless Coins, the new currency.

The following day I had booked as holiday - I expected to be busy playing all the new stuff in WoW but I have to be honest, I'm not really getting it! It's pretty hard work on a rubbish Paladin so I guess I need to take my even worse geared but seemingly unkillable DK over to do the questing type stuff! I did play for a few hours on Thursday but again, mainly running around picking up chests and skinning!

Oh my! The best thing about the Isle for me is the skinning! It is heaven to land on the beach & just see turtle carcasses stretching to the horizon! Skinning them also gives a few Timeless Coins each so although I won't be getting my 50,000 coin trinket anytime soon, I am picking up bagloads of free Exotic Leather! The other side effect of this is that there is loads of cheap Exotic Leather on the Auction House. I've been buying it up whenever I see it at 40g a stack or less.

Now apart from the fact that I need 2 x Magnificent Hides for 2 Leatherworkers each day for the Hardened Magnificent Hide cooldown (for the next 45+ days!), I've also been watching the Magnificent Hide market for a while & it rarely if ever, drops below 150g per Hide. I'm thinking that if I can control the availability of cheap Exotic Leather, I can probably control the price of Magnificent Hides too. If I have too many, I can just sell them at 150g or more & make an easy 50g profit each!

I'll be doing my usual What's Been Selling post on Monday but I will say now that the gold hasn't been flowing anywhere near as fast as I had hoped. It is flowing though so I'll tell you more about that next time. How has the new stuff affected your goldmaking? Too busy playing or are you raking it in at the Auction House?


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  1. To be honest I've been raking in the AH gold just from controlling the food market for those working on their Noodle Carts! ^.^ The mats for those food items (Sautéed Carrots, Charbroiled Steaks, etc) I racked up to 150g then undercut myself to 66g (up from 5g...) so those who don't check names think the 66g is a good deal. ;)

  2. I thought there would be a bigger demand for leathers and the ah prices would skyrocket but it seem it's quite the opposite. Leathers have been selling for 40g/stack and I haven't bothered buying it at all. It may be because of my backup stock of 60 stacks of hides which will last me a while. I thought there would also be a bigger demand for pvp malevolent leather/mail but while I've sold a few items I've sold more dreadful than malevolent at the moment. EU prices for malevolent are around 1000g a piece and I put them for 650 on my server still not many takers. I've been making over 20k/day with enchanting though so that's good.

  3. I wish my skinner / leatherworker was at a high enough level to take advantage of this - sadly she's only level 78. Not sure if there's a lack of skinners on my server or what but no-one seems to be skinning anything - there's carasses everywhere!!

  4. Aye the demand for the Malevolent gear has been a little less than I anticipated as I guess the people that usually buy the PvP gear to bump ilvl are just using the epic tokens fromt he chests and stuff instead. I'm wondering if that will change a bit over the next few weeks, that's one part of the speculation I wasn't as confident on.


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