Monday, 18 April 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

Well, seeing as I mainly spend my time milling & glyphing, I guess the answer is ...yup, glyphs! I did manage to shift the last 3 Maelstrom Crystals that I bought when the Alchemist Stone was nerfed although I did make a small loss of maybe 200g each - 600g loss I can take as the other 40+ crystals all sold for profits, although not as much as I was hoping for!

I also shifted a fair few cut Inferno Rubies this week & managed to snag a great deal on some Borean Leather - 200 pieces for about 1gold each! I only make the Mammoth Mining Bags although I do have the pattern for the Trappers Travelling Pack as well - the trapper bag sells for maybe 100g on a really good day whereas I seem to have very little competition in the mining bag market. I've managed to creep the price up to 225g so far although 1 competitor in particular seems to think that 175g should be the max! I just wait for them to either sell or end then list mine.

After my adventures in Zangarmarsh last week, I had picked up a fair bit of Knothide Leather. I looked at my leatherworking patterns to see if there was anything worth crafting to sell but in the end, I decided to just sell the leather. At 80+ gold a stack, it seemed the better option & I still have a few Outland zones to finish for my Loremaster so that will be a nice bonus.

And last but not least, making it to the top of my sales figures this week is Inferno Ink. I have made a few Darkmoon Cards but I seem to get 'of stones' almost everytime. The Outland herb market is virtually non-existent & even Northrend herbs are pretty scarce so I have found myself milling a lot of Whiptail over the last week or two, to use the ink trader for my glyphs. This leaves me with lots of Inferno Inks so I'm just trickling them into the market when I like the price & there aren't many already listed.

As for my spending, well, about 12.5k spent this week, leaving me with a healthy overall increase in liquid gold of 54.5k as well as a bit of extra stock items (mainly herbs & inks).

Will patch 4.1 hit this week? I really don't know. I'm still learning how markets move in response to these patches but my blogroll guys seem to think it likely so today & tomorrow, I will be watching the gem & ore markets carefully. I don't keep huge stocks of gems - I just don't have the space - but I will be watching to take any advantages I can or to avoid any pitfalls. Luckily, being an EU player, I should get a bit of warning if it hits US servers on Tuesday.

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  1. Back in the last days of WotLK I bought several hundred stacks of Borean Leather.

    The good thing: That was for a maximum of 50s each. The bad thing? It won't sell. 't just won't sell....


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