Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oh Yeah! Half Way There! & What's Been Selling This Week?

So it's been another good week for me - pretty much glyphs all the way again this week with the odd showing from Mammoth Mining Bags & Inferno Inks. My usual quick bit of maths tells me I spent 17k this week but I bought fast flying & my Flight masters licence for my warrior which takes almost 5k off that figure! My overall liquid cash inflow this week was around 45k & I've not really stockpiled much at all.

I was trying to use the ink-appropriate herbs but for Ethereal Ink & Ink of the Sea, this just hasn't been possible for the last few weeks but I've been getting Whiptail & even Twilight Jasmine for around 40g a stack so I've been using Blackfallow Ink & trading it in for those inks. This has left me with loads of Inferno Inks but I'm not interested in the Darkmoon Cards & the relics (Notched Jawbone, Tattooed Eyeball & Silver Inlaid leaf) aren't holding their value either so I tried selling the Inferno Inks & it seems to be working. With Inferno Ink selling at 60g each or more, my Blackfallow Inks & therefore my glyphs, are pretty much, pure profit.

But the best bit of the week was this morning! Overnight I sold almost 5k of glyphs which finally took me over the 500k mark! Screenshot below for any doubting Thomas's & for my own satisfaction!

Now I have to say, most of my gold comes from glyphs with the occasional foray into the gem & enchanting mats markets. Now that I've reached this goal, I feel I should really start to focus on one of my other markets to the same extent that I do with glyphs. I'm not sure which one yet or maybe I should just try both but I feel the need to get a bit of levelling done so I may take a short holiday from serious gold making efforts.

How am I going to celebrate this milestone? I may finally buy myself the chopper or the mammoth with the vendors (or both I suppose!) but knowing my scroogish ways, I'll probably wait until I get to 1 million before I actually do get them! After all, I've got this far without them, what's another half mil? lol


  1. Congratulations! I think you would get even higher weekly profits if you'd dabble in a few more markets. No huge time investment required, simply sell a few things here and there that add up.

  2. Very nice progress there. Question: What is the name of the addon you're using to show your sold items?

  3. Thks Vayaz - yeah, I deffo need to diversify a bit :)

    @Anon - thank you :) It's the MySales addon - very simple & easy to use. Just the 3 tabs at the top, /ms window brings up this screen & /ms config brings up the configuration window. I have mine set for all characters per faction per realm & showing 7 days but the variations are available to fine tune it a bit more for yourself.

  4. Looks like my comment was eaten by the comment monster. Thank you for the addon.

    I really like the breakdown of what you're selling. Auditor is great for tracking cashflow but not the items you're selling.

    Thanks again - keep up the good work!


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