Saturday, 30 April 2011

What Will I Do When I Reach The Gold Cap?

This is my entry for the blogging carnival over at JMTC & it's really made me think. My first reaction was 'Spend it, of course!' but then I realised that nothing in game actually costs that much so what would I be buying?

Well, I would really like the 100 mount achievement so I guess I'll buy mounts to make up that total & also the pet achieves. I still haven't bought a chopper or the traveler's tundra mammoth so I guess I'd have to allow myself those luxuries but whether I splash out for all my level 85's or just for 1 or 2, I don't know yet. I suppose I should treat my ever suffering husband to something special & probably a few of my closest guildies too but I don't quite know what yet!

I have a feeling that 1 million won't be enough though. I'm fairly competitive in some ways & knowing that other bloggers are out there with more than me or getting there faster than me, kind of makes me want to go full steam ahead & try for the 2 or 5 million mark. Hopefully by then I should have my systems streamlined so I can actually sit back a little and watch the snowball gain momentum as it races down the hill but I also think that I'm not very good at sitting on the sidelines so I'll be tempted to fine tune & fiddle all the way.

Hitting the half way mark last week has already changed how I've been working this week but that's for my weekly update post. I definitely won't be glyphing all the way to 5 million though, that is for sure!

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  1. Nice post. After shuffling my way to 700k I felt that 1 million ( 800/1m atm) was too little of an accomplishment. Before Cata it really was and I enjoyed the challenge. After 4.1 it's 'harder', but i'll focus on other stuff. And since i'm addicted to goldcrafting i'll be active on the AH anyways, but i'll aim at using less hours per day for it.

    I like the colors of the blog, go for it. Good luck with your gold making!


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