Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Multi-Tasking FTW!

I think I've mentioned before that I'm working on my Loremaster achievement but I'm also working on various reputations for The Exalted achievement & I'm doing the rep grinds that give mounts or pets for those achieves too! When I say I'm working on my Loremaster, what that really means is that I pick a zone based on what rep, mount or pet I can get or what materials I'm having problems with at the AH. Last week I went to Winterspring and as I've never quested there on my pally, I decided to keep a good list of what I picked up through the zone.

I was at about 0/3000 Neutral rep with the Wintersaber Trainers but I really want the Frostsaber mount so I decided to combine the rep grind with the questing. My pally is also my skinner/LW'er & I'm constantly struggling to find affordable Thick Leather & Rugged Leather at the AH so I emptied my bags & off I went.

2-3hrs of questing & a bit of rep grinding later & this is what I'd picked up, with their current AH values on my server:-

74 Thick Leather (222g)
94 Rugged Leather (376g)
4 Thick Hides (28g)
7 Rugged Hides (35g)
38 Runecloth (27g - 40g)
25 Bear Flank (30g)
18 Giant Egg (36g)
Recipe: Elixir of Giants (48g)
1 Elemental Water (7g)
1 Core of Earth (2g)
1 Globe of Water (5g)
1 Ironweb Spidersilk (4g)
5 BoE Green items

So that's a total of 820g and 130g from loot, vendor trash & quest rewards makes a grand total of 950g - woop woop! lol

I didn't get very far with my rep grind though - only about 1200 into Friendly because I googled for a guide & found out that the method for getting the Frostsaber mount is changing in patch 4.1. Instead of killing chimaera, bears & furbolgs, Blizzard are introducing a 20 day quest chain to feed, train & generally care for your cub. I didn't think I could grind the rep before the patch hit (there was a possibility of it hitting today) but now I have another week to do it, I may carry on & stockpile the leathers at the same time.

If you're a miner, Winterspring is still good for Thorium, particularly the old favourite Yeti Cave as well as Owlwing Thicket & Frostwhisper Gorge.

For herbalists, Winterspring is the only place to find Icecap as far as I can tell & there's a fair bit of Mountain Silversage here too.

For those of you who sell limited supply vendor items/recipes/patterns, look for Xizzer Fizzbolt in Everlook - he usually has 5 engineering schematics - including Fused Wiring which I wrote about last week!

If you haven't got your Timbermaw Rep up, I'd recommend Alto's post but do Winterspring first - you get Winterfall Spirit Beads when you kill the Ursa's & Shamans for the rep quest which are useless if you already have Timbermaw rep as they are soulbound & can't be passed to an alt or sold.

So, where do I go next on my Loremaster/Exalted/mount chase? Any suggestions welcome or if you'd just like me to cover a particular zone in a similar vein to this post, let me know in comments or you can contact me via my new gmail address at the top left of the page :) I look forward to hearing from you *she says, hopefully* lol

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  1. If I understood the notes correctly, they are changing the way you get the mount as well as removing the ability to gain reputation with Wintersaber Trainers. So, if you want that reputation on your tab, you probably want to jump on it, before it becomes a feat of strength.


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