Thursday, 14 April 2011

How I Found a New Market...

Just a quick post today but it comes with one of those vaguely funny stories of the 'you just had to be there!' type.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to get the Pet Bombling schematic - well, I eventually found a guildie willing enough to run me through Gnomeregan & I got the schematic. Off I went to the AH to get my Heart of Fire & my Essence of Fire - I'd done my homework on the mats previously but I hadn't been buying them up cheap for some reason. Anyway, I went to a quiet corner to craft 11 of my new pets, only to find that I couldn't make the Fused Wiring yet *insert sad face*. Never mind I thought, my mate in guild is maxed engineer, he'll do them for me so after duly whispering him, meeting up near the forge, I traded the mats to him - 33 Delicate Copper Wire & 22 Essence of Fire. 'All of these?' he whispered back, 'Yup, pls hon' I replied.

So those of you out there who are engineers can probably guess what's coming next but for those readers, who like me, don't always pick up on nuances or fine details, here's the funny bit - he traded me back 55 Fused Wirings! Each craft made 5 fused wirings per 1 set of mats & I only wanted 11 :-D

This morning, there I was with 44 Fused Wirings sitting in my bank & I needed to make some space so I took a stack to the AH - you can imagine my surprise & happiness to see them listed at 18g each! Something that had cost me less than 1g to make.

Now I don't know how many will sell but as one of those tiny niche markets that add up over time, it looks very nice to start with. I guess I'd better get my Engineering a bit higher, see what other gems are hiding at the trainer.


  1. This is a market that I also found myself on a whim. I listed a bunch of the wires because I was a bit low on space from over crafting a ton when I first started making these pets. Why in the hell they only stack to 5 I'll never know. Just goes to show you everything has a price!

  2. Leveling toons and their respective professions I have found these little things repeatedly and sometimes worth maintaining and sometime just passing fancies while leveling... Spidersilk boots and drape... sell a couple every week at 200gold profits... if I can keep the spiders silk in stock at my thresholds... they are both level 19 twink caster blues.. and its a fun little side bit to play with... Low maintenance, low turnover and high profits...


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