Saturday, 5 February 2011

Yet Another Experiment! (or two)

It seems I'm not the only one out here who enjoys experiments in gold making! Syntalating has been running a major experiment on his server that makes for very, very interesting, edge-of-your-seat reading! I've linked to his latest post but he has links to the earlier posts that really need reading too. If you have ambitions to reset a market, I strongly advise you to grow your nails (more to chew on without getting blood everywhere!!) & gold balance first. I can't wait for the final instalment :)

Having raved about that, it makes my little foray into the world of low level glyphs seem like child's play & it is, to a certain extent. But I'm still finding it a challenge, even if the amounts of gold involved are comparatively tiny. Once my 30 day AH alt experiment finished, I had all this gold just sitting there so I started the next experiment.

The first morning I had managed to sell a few bits of stock overnight so my opening balance was 3697g. I managed to reset my MySales data so that it would show only the sales from this experiment going forward.

For the first 5 days, I concentrated on building up my ink & glyph supplies & just listing each glyph at the lowest market price at the time of listing. I manually searched for the highest priced glyphs & crafted those as a priority. I was only making 1 or 2 of each glyph, depending on herb/ink supply. My thinking was to have at least 1 glyph available in a variety of categories rather than 2 or 3 glyphs of the same. I also tried to spread my glyphs across all the different classes for the same reason. Basically a scattershot approach to see what hit & what missed :)

Day 6 dawned with an opening balance of 3814g - just 117g in 5 days - this was not going well although I now had 35 different glyphs listed & a few spare inks to replace them as they sold. By day 9 I had continued to buy herbs for ink & craft more glyphs but opening balance on day 9 was still only 3803g!

OMG! this was awful! I was only buying the very cheapest herbs (less than 3g per ink most of the time) but the average sale price was 15-20g per glyph if I was lucky. I decided to change my plan of attack & installed Trade Skill Master (thanks to Zoxy & Shamaenei for their excellent guides) even though my PC is slow enough already!

I also changed my listing behaviour. I had been listing for 48 hours & just leaving them there but now I'm listing for 24hrs & using TSM, I'm cancelling & reposting maybe 3 or 4 times a day (morning, late afternoon, early evening & last thing at night). I struggled a little with TSM at first as I had never used the earlier addons for glyphs but once I got to understand what it was doing, I could just fly through my little routine. When I log in, I empty mail ( ka-ching!), cancel auctions, scan for inscription only then repost. Simple as & only takes maybe 10 mins if I get sidetracked!

Results are good so far
day 10 o/bal 3763
day 11 o/bal 4009
day 12 o/bal 4219
day 13 o/bal 4282
day 14 o/bal 4565
day 15 o/bal 4709

Last 7 days, look at those prices!
So why does cancel/relist work for glyphs? I had a little think about it (not my strong point!) & came up with this thought - unlike raw mats, there is not enough demand for any one particular glyph that you can relist in the mid range & have the lower priced glyphs sell out while your listing is still active. I usually post my hypnotic dust mid range because I know the demand is there to sell through to my listing. By cancelling & relisting glyphs, I am usually the lowest priced for a little while & that means that if there is a single buyer for that glyph, I get the sale. Obviously then, the more often I can cancel/relist, the better my chances of selling.

That pretty much brings me up to date on this little experiment. Now you may think that the opening paragraph was only very loosely relevant to the rest of the post & just a way to plug a guy with gold blog but it wasn't! Syntalating's scroll/ore/mats experiment made me think about this lowbie end of the glyph market so I decided to try to reset a few of the glyph prices. I spent a whole 175g buying the very cheapest glyphs so that I could list as cheapest but at 60g+ rather than 20g!

I haven't logged in yet this morning but I'm going to continue this tactic for the next few days as well to see if it's possible on a server designated 'new players'. Wish me luck :-D

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  1. Awesome Read Nev! and thank you very much for the Glowing Compliment ! I think your new plan of attack is probably going to work well for you, the key for cancel and relist (especially with Glyphs) is to keep the price reasonably high as long as possible, it's not just about modifying the market, it's about getting other people "trained" to see and expect certain prices for an item. A suggestion I may have, would be Glyph of Slam (a good fury warrior glyph), but out anything resonaly Priced within your budget, and push the price high, then if you cancel and relist, do so by 1 Copper, this keeps the market high, and grows your stockpile, enabling you to make profit off the resales of the lower priced glyphs you purchased. :)


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