Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Farewell AH Alt - part 2!

It seems there's not many EU readers who wanted a free 5k boost so following Ali's post & Alto's post, I guess this little alt is going to survive to try another experiment!

I think I'll continue to use her as my banker, take a note of her starting cash & go from there. She has a profession slot open so my next decision is which one to level. I'm fairly familiar with Leatherworking, Alchemy, Enchanting & Jewelcrafting from my mains so I guess I should look at Blacksmithing, Engineering or Tailoring.

By picking a prof I'm not very familiar with, I will be using my brain to make a market rather than relying on already accumulated knowledge. This server is very different to my main server as well so it may or may not make for an interesting read! 

Another option is to start another alt to level with say, mining/blacksmithing combo & see how much I can make from questing, drops & 2 low profs. The only problem with this option is that I always have an overwhelming urge to get back to my main server so I'm not sure how much levelling will actually get done!

What do you think? Should I let her fade away or carry on experimenting? Which option should I choose - level a lowbie prof via AH in Stormwind or via questing/profs? And of course, which profession shall I choose?


  1. I there :)
    I usually come to your blog because u are one of the few that talks about EU realms. Of course not mine :)
    I would like u to continue with that alt so u can post more things.
    What server are u btw?

    Cya m8

  2. I would be interested in seeing what you can do with blacksmithing or tailoring. I'm not sure there's much market for low level Eng stuff, unless it's making parts to sell to people powerleveling their Eng. Low-level greens, on the other hand, always seem pretty popular. Not sure at what level BS can start making weapons, so that would be interesting to find out how and if that would work.

    I'd also vote for just focusing on the AH. Leveling a new toon on a brand new server can be quite a lot of work, and I'd imagine it could get frustrating fast, especially since your main won't be reaping any of the benefits.

  3. Hi Rufino, thank you for your comment - it's nice to know there are EU readers around :) My AH Alt is on Terrokar which was a low population server when I started & is now labelled as 'New Players'.

    Thanks Vince - I'm levelling tailoring on one of my mains at the moment & just disenchanted all the low level stuff. Maybe I should drop inscription & pick up both! It's not like I'm short of cash at least! lol

  4. I personally like the experimenting....I hope you continue with it, as it makes a great read!

  5. thanks Alto :) I have been wondering if there was a 'market' for this lowbie experiment stuff but it seems like there might be so I'll keep going for a while. Good luck with your DK project too

  6. Hey,
    I commented on Alto's post as well... I'm always interested in reading on Blacksmithing as that's my only prof (with Mining) and there is not a lot of blogging going on about BS...

  7. Okay Xylaria, blacksmithing it shall be, just for you :)


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