Monday, 28 February 2011

So Close Now & A Nice Graph

I was hoping to report this last week but the AH has filled up with cheap Obsidium & Elementium ores so I just had to have them, setting this report back by a few days! But, as you can see, I finally made it to a nice round 200,000g. I've also got my DK to lvl 80 so she can do all the JC dailies now.

One of the few routines that I do stick to, is noting my daily gold balance on a spreadsheet & I thought you guys might find it interesting to see my progression over time. I've marked a few important dates - obviously the release of Cataclysm brought huge changes & increased prices but I think for me, the addition of Jewelcrafting to my repertoire has made a significant difference. You can see my DK's gold balance of 92k - that is all my JC & Inscription profits - I zero'd her balance to 5k when she levelled JC'ing then sent that 5k to my banker once my DK was self sufficient. I'm quite pleased with 92k over 2 months, I have to admit!

The other huge difference has been installing & using TSM for my glyph market. I've always dabbled in glyphs but TSM makes it so much quicker to cancel/repost & it highlights which glyphs to make. I've recently expanded my use of TSM to my Enchanter but only for the cata enchants for the time being. I levelled enchanting late in Wrath so I don't have many of the non-trained ones & I also haven't really built up knowledge on the twink enchants.

The one thing I didn't mark on the graph was my purchase of the new Agile Shadowspirit Diamond recipe around the 14th February - I thought originally that it would dent my figures but obviously it didn't - the sudden sharp incline at the end there, is a combination of meta gem sales & adding enchanting to my TSM set-up.

So where next? Well, my plan for today is to level tailoring on my Priest asap - I have most of the mats to well into the Wrath levels but Frostweave Cloth is so scarce, I may have to go farming. I hope I can make a bit of gold from the crafted items & I shall definitely be making netherweave & frostweave bags for all the points they can give! It may not be the 'most efficient use of cloth' way to level but it will certainly off-set some of the costs.

After that, well, it's just Mining/Blacksmithing on my lvl 60 warrior but that's going to take a bit longer.


  1. Grats Nev, that's awesome! Glad to see someone else has converted to TSM too. If you haven't already, look in to using it for JC. I've been doing that for some time now, and it really streamlines the process. I had a post about it for last month's JMTC carnival, I think.

  2. Hiya Nev, just a follow up on your comment on my post! (This seems to be the best way, lol)

    You're quite right, unfortunately the deposit costs are nothing to scoff at (56s25c for 12hrs). However, the way I see it, the amount that you can sell by canceling/reposting more than makes up for it. Say you post 20 gems, which costs 11g25s in deposit fees. All you need is one sale at profit above that each cancel/repost cycle, and hopefully that won't be too hard to accomplish. If competition is fierce, it seems unlikely that you can rely on the fall back of having people eat through the competition to get to your wares, and you'll have a lot more gems "expiring" meaning you've lost your deposit anyway. As long as your profit margins are good and you set a 12hr limit, I don't think you'll even notice the deposit costs. Set it up and give it a shot this Tuesday, you might be surprised!

  3. Grats Nev! What a great month you had!

  4. Huge grats. So close to the old gold cap that you can smell it, I bet!


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