Wednesday, 9 February 2011

4.0.6 Herb Spawns on Eu Realm, Tested

I logged on early this morning (couldn't sleep again!) & as a way to fill my time quietly while my hubby slept, I went through my blog list, reading all the posts I missed late yesterday & overnight. Both Faid & Alto posted about the ridiculous herb spawn rates in Uldum & Deepholm so after the servers came back online, I raced my JC to get the new JC design Vivid Dream Emerald & then to get the new DK Glyph of Dark Succour.

Off to the JC daily quest giver - Jaspers - again! I only had 1 stack left so I posted them anyway & then logged my herbalist. By this time, hubby was awake so he logged his druid herbalist & headed to Uldum whilst my little rogue made her way to Deepholm (a little pickpocketing action on the side, just gotta be done!).

Herbs in Boots © Arty Allsorts 2009, used with permission
Now I'm not a regular herb farmer so my route was perhaps a little random but I managed 8 stacks of heartblossom, 4 stacks of Cinderbloom & 75 Volatile Life in my hour. My hubby managed 16 stacks of Whiptail mainly from the delta end of the river & 97 Volatile Life.

I didn't notice any particularly fast respawns so I don't know if Blizzard fixed this with our patch today or if there was something different between US & EU realms but overall, I have to say, I don't think this was as good for us as it was for you guys over the pond!


  1. Were you guys fighting to get nodes?

    I was noticing that most of the spawns were 2-3 minutes, some instant spawns (right after picking one, another popped same location- but not reliable, only happened maybe 5 times in two hours), and then there were some that only spawned every twenty minutes (or so)....

    BTW, Thanks for the link love. =)

  2. Early on I saw 2 names in the area that I recognised from the AH but I didn't actually see anyone! Even my carbonite punks radar didn't show me any hordies either. Hubbs had a little competition but he just stayed in the delta area & it went quiet for him after about 20mins.

    You're welcome hon, I always try to link where possible - especially if my post is similar or adding to or expanding on anothers' :) There's no really untouched subjects on this subject so I may as well share the love :)

  3. As of this minute it appears the spawn rates are still extremely fast on my US server. I've made a couple of blog posts about this. One discussing the possible market implications of these spawns and another wondering what to do with all the herbs we've gathered. Should be interesting to watch!

    Sorry to hear it may be fixed on EU. 'Tis mighty fun.

  4. Thats the problem we get here in old continental Europe ,you get the fun stuff and we get the nerfs^^.
    Just joking,but nice find all of you,this help us allot.


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