Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Masterchef - The Wow Goblin Edition

Boy's Buff Food - bacon sarnie
Now, if like me, you maxed your cooking (and maybe fishing) during your first toon levelling thru the new cata zones - what cooking have you done since? I get the impression that many people see cooking as something easy to max & then they sort of forget about it or they just cook the 1 or 2 buff foods that they need themselves. I include myself in this category - I make the strength, intellect & agility ones to keep my 3 lvl 85's stocked up but that was it - until about a week ago!

Long story short - we had a chance to try the LK fight as a guild for the first time & I took it on myself to provide food buffs for everyone. I thought I would just go to the AH & buy it but whoa! those prices were ridiculous! My goblin instincts kicked in & I've been watching the market ever since!

Just look at some of these prices!

Fathom Eel 1-3g each = Skewered Eel 6-8g each   (Agi)
Dragon Flank 2-4g each = Grilled Dragon 5-7g each (hit)

These are the best examples for profits but for now, I don't know what the sales are like. I can talk prices all day but if they don't sell very well, that's useless info so I'm gonna get my Chef's Hat on this week & see what's really possible.

Luckily both the fathom eel & blackbelly mudfish are Uldum fish pools (eel is along the coast & mudfish along the river) and as we are attempting the guild fishing achieve & I go to Uldum most days for the transmute volatile life > air, 10 mins fishing those shouldn't be too onerous.

Of course, the easiest way to pick up the mats for these is to be levelling thru Cata but I don't have an alt ready to go there yet. I have been working on my Loremaster in dribs & drabs though so I plan on taking her back thru the remaining quests in Cata zones to get some of the mats & I'll buy a bit on the AH - let's see how much is possible, shall we?


  1. Great info Nev! Thanks for getting this out there!

    Very important niche in the AH world! I have been slacking, only doing two dailies since Cata...BAD ALTO!

  2. Great post, Nev - I've never bothered with Cooking or Fishing, but they've been on my list for awhile. I'll have to get to work on that soon.

  3. Nice post! I haven't done anything w/ cooking since vanilla WoW, and my fishing is barely over 300. Have they made it easier to level cooking? I know the Cata fishing dailys guarantees a skill up each day.....

  4. awww, thanks guys!

    Levelling cooking isn't too bad, I just used the wowhead profession tab to find a recipe at my skill level then check the AH for raw mat prices. If the chosen mats are expensive, I go back & look for a different recipe :)

    I originally levelled it on my pally with the Pilgrim's Festival - that made it sooo easy especially when combined with fishing as the fish can be cooked on the spot to level you up a bit. Cata was fairly easy too - again, I did the dailies in SW to get a few points & recipes for the zones I was questing in - a lot of the mats you pick up anyway as you quest.


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