Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Profitable 'Oopsie!'

I'm still trying to max my Leatherworking but having skinning on a priest is possibly the slowest form of farming torture! I've been contemplating dropping mining on my paladin & re-instating skinning but yesterday afternoon I had a total brainfart & clicked the wrong button before actually making my decision. Bye bye max mining :(

Oh shoot! now what? Well, I decided I may as well go ahead & level my skinning back up so I decided to turn it into  one of my 'experiments'! I balanced my pally out to 3k gold & a spare alt to 1000g to act as a banker for the duration of this little experiment. I have sent absolutely everything except vendor trash to the bank alt & she's been listing it. But my pally also has Archaeology so where the skinning sites have coincided, I've also managed to put a few skill points on my archaeology. I've also done some sidetrips to find Elders as it's the Lunar Festival & I was going to be flying around anyway!

So what has this to do with making gold & profits? A few days ago, Zoxy posted his JMTC carnival blog post and if you look in the comments, you will see I was very happy because he mentioned the RecipeProfit addon. This is an excellent replacement for one of my old favourites, RecipeRadar which is broken & no longer supported. So after unlearning mining, & relearning skinning, I logged out to get some addons sorted.

RecipeProfit adds icons to your minimap to show you where vendor recipes are - it works like the gatherer/gathermate nodes & you can switch it on/off quite easily. As I've been running around skinning, I've also had to empty my bags etc so I've spent a few minutes here & there, visiting vendors & buying recipes (by recipes I mean plans/schematics/design/patterns etc).

You can see from the mysales image & the AH image - things are selling fairly well! I still have loads of stuff listed & I haven't quite finished levelling skinning yet so more yet to come & this is just the first 24 hours.

I also got very lucky & picked up a Dark Whelpling :) Auctioneer price says average of about 1900g but it's on AH at 750g at the moment. I'm torn because my pally is my pet & mount collector but I also want the gold! arrrggghhh, decisions, decisions!

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't forget vendor recipes while you're out & about  - RecipeProfit is great & if you're currently doing the Elders runaround, why not pick up a few vendor bits while you're at it? It could be worth your while & if you're short of time to make gold, this is a great way to combine questing & shopping!

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  1. Ah those Dark Whelplings! I picked up one off the AH for 300G and was pleased to turn around and sell it for 1000G so I'm sure yours will sell before you give in to your inner pet collector! In retrospect, I think I could have sold it for more. The guy who won it from me, relisted it for 2700G....


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