Friday, 18 February 2011

Profession Confusion

I'll be honest, my profs are all over the place! Each time I started an alt, I chose profs based on what I didn't have already but now that I'm more serious about making gold, I think I need to swap a few around to make best use of them.

  • I recently dropped mining on my lvl 85 pally & made her my skinner because she's also my LW'er. I don't often go farming but sometimes it nice just to kill at random!
  • My lvl 85 rogue has herbalism/alchemy (transmute spec), both maxed & no probs with this one.
  • My lvl 85 priest has skinning & enchanting again both maxed but now that she's finished questing, I can't see any point in keeping the skinning.
  • My lvl 78 DK has inscription & JC, both maxed. Again no probs with this one. She doesn't need to get to 85 & tbh, at the rate she's levelling, it will be years before she does get there! She is currently my no. 1 gold maker, parked in SW to bark my Mysterious Fortune Cards & sell the uncommon gems for the JC daily, otherwise, I'd probably move her to IF or somewhere quieter.
  • Next up is my currently lvl 60 warrior with mining & blacksmithing. I've been levelling her a bit this week to get my blacksmithing up a bit. I'm really feeling the urge to add maxed BS to my repertoire so she's the most likely candidate for my next lvl 85 toon.
  • My level 52 hunter is another problem girlie - she has JC (since superseded by my DK) & I've just started her on Tailoring as I dropped that on my DK to get JC. I'm not sure either of these profs are really on the best toon.
  • Level 38 warlock has mining/engineering. She's my current banker & I only do the occasional dungeon to level her a little. Not in much of a rush for engineering & she gets the hand-me-downs from my blacksmith for raw mats.
  • Level 36 shaman has herbalism & alchemy but I haven't played her in quite a while. My thinking was for her to herb her own supplies & to get a second transmute spec for the cooldowns.
I feel I need to drop skinning on my priest & the obvious replacement prof is Tailoring. I can powerlevel her fairly easily upto the WotLK level & now that Embersilk is coming down in price, I should be able to get thru to max level. As my healer, she's also the most likely candidate for HC's when I get around to them!

But that leaves my hunter with duplicate profs - I can't see that having a second JC is much benefit other than JC daily tokens but she's so far off lvl 75, I don't think that's an issue. Having a second Tailor might be beneficial for the cooldowns & if I level her tailoring as she's questing, that should keep the costs down too.

My other thought is that I don't have a maxed miner now but I don't farm very often & if I keep levelling my warrior then it will sort itself out.

What do you think - add tailoring to my priest or something else? Keep tailoring on my hunter & then drop or keep JC on her? making decisions is not my strong point so I'd love some thoughts or suggestions please :)


  1. I would definitely drop the second JC. If you think your hunter will level faster than your shammy, you might want to grab alchemy instead. I still think that dual-gathering is the best way to level. You can save the mats and then level a new top-level crafting profession quickly when you hit L75.

    Sounds like your DK is not your favorite toon, but are you skipping the Elemental Goo dailies or are you able to still complete them at L78?

    Tailoring seems like the next best choice for the priest.

    Surprising to see that you don't have a druid anywhere in that mix, but you've definitely got your hands full - I can relate!

  2. I'd not thought of putting alchemy on the hunter & yes I do have a druid but she's only lvl 22 at the mo with mining/herbing so she could feed the hunter's alchemy levelling for a while.

    DK is ok but I've got so much going on with her on the profs front, it's hard work to make space in bags for going questing! Yup I skip the elemental goo dailies for now but she does a dungeon now & then & the 3 SW dailies so she's creeping along all the time :)

    There's a mage somewhere too but I almost never play her - she just completes the set on this server! lol

  3. i can understand your frustration i've been there before myself.

    I would drop the Skinning on your priest and put Tailoring on it, Keep the mining on your Warrior its always a great advantage to be able to buy ores cheaper and smelt them.

    Good professions to have doubles of at max level now would be Alchemy (Living Elements, Epic Gems in the future maybe, Flask spec ) Jewelcrafting you can get all the patterns quicker and Tailoring for the Cloth CD's,

    Other than that all characters i'm levelling i put gathering professions on this is even better now with the XP you can get while gathering.

  4. TBH if you're concerned abotu profession bonuses don't worry abotu that part unless it's a gathering prof as they're all balanced right now. But if you have extra profession spots another tailor or alchemist doesn't hurt. Being able to have an extra CD is a great way for some bonus cash.

    As for a second JC, that depends on how good the market is. If you're making great money with gems like I am, having a second toon to build up tokens is absolutely amazing. Especially when epic gems come out you'll have a huge lead on being able to get the high demand ones first.

  5. Like Stede, I am surprised that you don't have a druid in the mix - they make great farming toons w/ near-instant flying and stealth.

    I am in agreement w/ others; tailoring is an ideal profession for your priest. As for your hunter, I think it depends on what you plan to do w/ him/her. Two gathering professions is easy and profitable at lower levels, especially if you don't plan to power-level him/her.

    For double professions, alchemy (w/ diff. specializations), JC (for more tokens), and tailoring (for more CDs) are ideal IMHO. For toons I don't play too much, I like herbalism/alchemy; herbalism requires no tools (free up one bag slot) and alchemy is easy to level, gives you another xmute CD, and you get a nice trinket or two.

  6. @Der I do have a little druid, just started her about the same time I did this post & hit 37 on her last night. She has herb/mining, 2 heirlooms & our guild xp bonus so she's flying thru at the mo!

    I'm pretty sold on putting tailoring on my Priest, it makes so much sense.

    The hunter still needs some thought but as she's in limbo anyway, I'm not in such a rush for her :)


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