Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Pocket's in Shock - Again!

So today has not been my best day for thinking through my strategies & stuff. I sat down this morning, fully intending to get TSM working for my Enchanter but it's now gone 5pm & I haven't even logged her yet!

Why? I hear you ask. Well, there were only a few Mysterious Fortune Cards on the market so after a week of abstinence, I quickly made about 50 and started barking, in an attempt to get those few cheap ones sold & to push the price up a little. I checked to see if my usual competitors were online, none were so off I went, happily barking away whilst I did my glyph cancel/repost routine. Next stop, JC daily - yay!!! zephyrites today, got 40 listed at a nice price & went off to do my cooking & fishing dailies, barking all the while.

© Helen Shorey, used with permission

Managed to get most of the cheap MFC's sold, along with about 15 of mine. Went to post some more at a higher price & some guy had decided to post his 20 - all at just 10c below the last remaining cheap one! Made me want to screammmmmmmm!

There were lots of guildies online today so with all the barking & chatting, that was my morning gone. Came back after some lunch to see the new Agility meta cuts being advertised in trade. Dashed to the AH to see if any of the designs were listed or even just the cut gems - none - so I'm pretty sure no-one else has it on my server, Alliance side yet.

Managed to get the seller down to 22k - not sure it's the best bargain in the world but there are only 3 people selling the other 2 new cuts so I'm reckoning that I will have the market to myself for a little while yet & I have 5 stacks of uncut Shadowspirit Diamonds just waiting for me :) I listed 10 singles at 775g each & sold 2 as soon as I barked about them.

Why is my pocket in shock? Well, after my not so quick returns from the Maelstrom Crystals (still got 20/27!!) & a nervous few days trying to sell the Tsunami & Hurricane Decks, I'd decided that big ticket items were not for me! But I went ahead & bought the Design anyway - having plenty of cash is not conducive to sensible buying decisions, not for me at least!


  1. Have you tried to get together with a guildie who has max enchanting and make a couple of the 525 enchants and splitting the profits? I know it's crazy but the Power Torrent Enchant is selling like crazy for me at 10k each yet the few maelstrom crystals I have listed are moving really slowly.

  2. Nice post Nev. I find it funny that I scrimp for ever copper then when my eyes get big as I see the next "shiny" it seems all my gold smarts just fall out of my head.

    There is an old saying that goes "Penny wise. Pound foolish." and that is true for me.

    Heck I just dropped nearly 10k on Volatile Life to re-list in 50 stacks now that Whiptail is hotfixed.

    Of course another saying comes to mind. "It takes money to make money." Without the 10k in the first place I wouldn't even be able to begin to think about resetting the Volatile Life price but with that 10K I can now do things like that.

    And not to beat a comment horse into the ground but "You gotta know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to RUN!" lol.

    I hope your big expenditures pay off. I'm sure they will in the long run. We didn't get to where we are now without taking some (hopefully calculated) risks.

  3. @Ali - I have max enchanting but tbh, I've been looking for those 'big' enchants & there are very few listed yet on my server so I've held off. I only maxed my enchanting as cata hit so it's not a market I have much experience in yet. I'll keep this in mind though & keep an eye on the market, maybe it will come alive soon :)

    @Flux as of Monday evening, I'd just about made my money back on the recipe cost so profits all the way now :) Still got plenty of maelstroms though :)


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