Monday, 20 December 2010

Well, hello there!

Just a note to say Hello! and introduce myself. I've been playing WoW since October 2009 & currently have a level 85 Paladin (ret/tank), a level 83 Rogue (combat) & a lvl 81 priest (holy/shadow). I also have a DK at 75 and a host of smaller alts, my current favourite being a lvl 33 dwarf shaman.

As for professions, I have mining, skinning & herbalism at 525, with Leatherworking, alchemy, enchanting, inscription & tailoring at 450+ & working towards 525 on those. I also have blacksmithing, engineering & jewelcrafting on some of the lowbie alts but none are particularly advanced as yet :)

I've always dabbled at the auction house, almost since the beginning. I'm an accountant by trade so I suppose it comes naturally but it was only about 6 weeks ago that I started reading some of the excellent gold blogs out there. Since then I've gone from about 20k to 75k gold which is nice but not enough and wayyyyy too slow for my liking so I'll be reading more blogs & trying to put their tips & advice into action more effectively.

So for starters, a big thank you to Markco & Cold for all their hard work that helps so many & to Miss Mediocre for her lovely chatty style that makes her blog so enjoyable to read.

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