Thursday, 30 December 2010

Auction House Alt - Day 9

Well I have to say, I was very surpised this morning when I opened my mail - having done very little yesterday, I expected a fairly low return. Imagine how pleased I was to see that all the Cata herbs had sold, some of the glyphs & all 4 netherweave bags, to bring my gold balance up to 690g :D

Emboldened by this success, I went looking for the cata herbs again. I look at the buy price of the lowest singles then go looking for stacks that have piece prices below that. I found 4 Twilight Jasmine at 7.5g & relisted for 11.20g as singles and also a full stack of Stormvine for 2.24g each, relisted as singles for 5.75g each.

In this way, my auctions appear at the top of the search list for singles, so they appear to be the cheapest. There are so many people listing in singles that it may be page 3 or 4 of the search before you see any stacks & many buyers just don't bother searching that far in or they just want a few pieces so they buy the cheapest they see on the first page. I've been doing this on my main server too - not so much buying the cheap stacks but splitting my auctions up to list some as singles & some in 5's but always to look like the cheapest in each. It works well most of the time on high demand items but I haven't tried it on any of the older mats.

I also bought 10 Amberjewel's for around 8g each, in the hope of getting them cut for a lowish tip. I tried /trade looking for a levelling jc'er in the hope of not paying a tip but no responses. I'll try again later when hopefully, there are more people online.

Late night visit to check mail, picked up more cash & relisted some expired auctions - closing gold 721g


  1. Hey Nev - sorry I've been so lazy and just now checked out your blog. I like it & I've got you added to my blarg rawl. Quick question - what dress is your toon wearing in that shot? I've been looking for some designer digs for my original bank alt.

  2. Heya Stede, no probs hon, & thanks for the blog roll add :) The dress is the 'Traditional White Hanbok' from the tailor shop near the new JC shop in SW. I didn't want to pay for the simple black dress on the AH & I stumbled over this as I was looking for vendor stuffs to flog :)


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