Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Auction House Alt - Day 8 & Other Thoughts

Starting gold today 503g but I've been out most of the day so I relied on current auctions to make some money. I did pop in last thing at night and bought another stack of Whiptail at 8g each, relisted them at 11.50g as singles.

I also found a tailor to make 4 netherweave bags for me, tipped 10g so total cost per bag was approx 6g, listed them at 18.50g & sold 2 straightaway - nice :)

Closing gold 375g.

I have to admit I'm finding this experiment to be quite hard work! Not so much the ah stuff but more my thought processes & blogging about it. I have a fairly random method of buying, based on my experiences in game so far but this experiment server economy is so different from my main server that I find myself double thinking every purchase. Stuff I know well doesn't work the same way here & stuff I just dabble in on my main server as low gold making tactics goes crazy here.

I'm still not happy with my scan data - I like a lot of data collection before I feel comfortable relying on it & with the changes in markets brought about by Cataclysm, I'm still getting used to the volatility of certain markets. There's no doubt that Cata mats are the things to be looking at for now but they could also be my downfall.

I'm also thinking I may start levelling an alt over here - seems silly to make all this gold & have nothing to actually do with it!

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