Thursday, 23 December 2010

Auction House Alt - Day 2

What a lovely way to start the day! Opened my mail & now have 46g 82s 68c, that's 35g overnight. All except 4 of the recipes sold & the cloth too so I made a note of those recipes (murloc fin soup, croc gumbo, goretusk pie & wolf kabob) that didn't sell straightaway so I don't buy them again next time.

I was on early today, before the usual maintenance had finished so it was very quiet in SW. Did a quick manual scan of the ah & found some more very cheap mageweave & silk, snapped it up, listed it & set my auctioneer scan running. Looks like I wasn't the only early bird today - all the cloth sold whilst the scan was running - another nice way to start the day :)

So I followed yesterday's process, quick vendor search, quick skim of the resale search results & then a manual skim of the low bid/short auction time items. There were loads of little bits in the vendor search - I just couldn't be botered to buy stuff to vendor for only a few silvers or coppers so just picked up one lvl 83 dagger for 16g, sold to vendor for 19g.

The resale scan brought up a lot of spider's silk - now I know it sells well on my main server - I usually buy it there for 5g or less with a resale of 8-12g but seemingly, this server's prices are much higher. The resale search was recommending me to buy at upto 8g, with a market price of 24g but I only have 2 days of scans so my auctioneer data is not accurate enough for me to take the risk just yet. I'm also very wary of buying any of the new Cataclysm materials just yet - again, the data isn't there & the prices are fluctuating so wildly - I just don't have the capital to take a chance.

I did find a few glyphs for less than 50s each & on very short bid times so I went for those & won them. I know the glyph market is changing but I can't believe that these won't sell for at least a few gold each, no matter how far the glyph market falls.

Those volatile waters that I bid on yesterday were still there - now at around 3g each - still a huge discount so regardless of what I said above, I did pop some bids on those - this time, they were on 2hr remaining so I knew I'd be getting my cash back fairly quickly.

Came back to game after lunch to find all my cloth had sold, I'd won the glyphs & didn't get the volatile waters (as expected) but total was now 53g 52s 56c with recipes & glyphs & a few herbs still at ah.


  1. Maybe a little OT, but you forgot to label this post as AH Alt :)

    I only now found out your blog, and wanted to read up on the AH Alt project, so I searched on the AH Alt label, and didn't see day 2 :)

    Looks promising though!


  2. thanks for spotting that! all fixed & welcome to my little corner of the gold blog world. Hope you enjoy it & look forward to more comments maybe :)


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