Monday, 27 December 2010

Auction House Alt - Day 6

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas day wherever you are but it's time for me to get back to work! Checked my mail, 3 moth eggs sold and a few of the glyphs so starter gold for today is 313g 5s 99c.

I'm still in Exodar so I popped back to the Moth Egg seller & had a look around other vendors & trainers whilst I'm here. Found 4 recipes at the Blacksmith Supplies vendor for adamantite maul, adamantite cleaver, adamantite dagger & adamantite rapier at a cost of about 15g for the four of them. Listed each for between 18g - 38g depending on the ah prices at the time, not sure how well they sell as I'm not familiar with blacksmithing market but I guess I'll soon find out!

Did my usual scan & search and stuck to my regulars - low price glyphs, cloth & herbs with a sprinkling of Cata herbs too. Listed anything not yet listed & popped off for a while.

Visited mid afternoon, empty mail, relist, rescan & buy more vendor cooking recipes to list. At this stage, the more the merrier & they are selling fairly well & quickly. Closing balance now 353g 21s 31c & 5hrs, 45mins played.

I've come to the conclusion that more visits during the day should equal more money - expired auctions get re-listed quicker, gold picked up quicker means I can buy more to list & more opportunities to spot that extra special deal that all goblins seek. Unfortunately with the holidays, so many of my guildies are playing in the daytime, I feel very torn - hide over here making money or levelling & socialising over there (& making money!!) so I'll put the frequent visit theory to the test next week when they've all gone back to work.

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