Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Auction House Alt - Day 7 - Getting Braver

so I started today with 395gold but starting to get a bit bored with my usual tactics - did them anyway - placing lots of low value bids on stuff that should sell well & a few higher value bids on Cata herbs. I have about 50 auctions live at the moment, mainly glyphs & vendor recipes but they should sell, even if not quickly.

Came back later to find I'd got all my gold back & hadn't won a single auction - arrrggghhh! I hate that! Decided to take a big risk - blew 170g on a stack of whiptail. My reasoning was that a stack for 170g (8.5g each) is less affordable than individual herbs at the moment. Prices are so high, most people seem to be buying in singles or 5's so I relisted my stack all as singles at 10.50g. Whilst I was scanning, 8 of them sold straightaway - oh happy days :)

I also dipped into the Netherweave Cloth market, buying or bidding on stacks with cloth at 8-15silvers (approx max of 3g per stack), knowing that I could sell them for more later when the market changes again or use trade to find a tailor willing to make the netherweave bags for me.

Closing balance at this point was a scary 150g but after a last minute, late night mailbox check, I slept happily :) All the Cata herbs sold, as expected, as well as more of the recipes & glyphs. I also won quite a few of the netherweave cloth bids so with 7 stacks of cheap netherweave waiting for action, tomorrow should be another profitable day. Final closing balance for the day 503g 42s 29c - woo hoo!!

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