Friday, 4 October 2013

The Marcus Expanse! - Ep 14 Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

This episode was a little off the cuff as life hasn't been playing nice with us but we had a lot of fun, talking about our latest adventures on the Timeless Isle and what we've been up to in the Auction House.We're already thinking & talking about making gold in the lull until the next patch or expansion.

Learn how to cross the Marcus Expanse (and what it is!) and have a giggle at our expense with our failures in game and how sad I am for New Year's Eve. I also explain why I'm only taking one alt to the Timeless Isle for now and Marcus called me lazy!

As usual, you can find the show on iTunes or Stitcher radio or if you prefer, you can play it directly from Marcus's website

Show Notes - Episode 14 Journal of Marcus Ty

  • Welcome to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind.
  • Our week in WoW - real life can suck!
  • I launch my Milestone Interviews (Saturday Celebrations - 2nd one tomorrow!)
  • No fly-zone on the Timeless Isle
  • Hints and tips when questing on the Timeless Isle.
  • News from the front
  • The EU Hearthstone Beta - I got lucky!
  • Auction House Armageddon - Marcus is looking forward to Connected Realms!
  • Making gold in the quiet times
  • Markets of the week.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

If you don't know, Marcus has written a very extensive gold guide and is working on updating it all the time. I've been an affiliate of his for a long while now as I believe it is one of the best gold making guides out there. You can get more details at his Auction House Secrets site. It's not for experienced gold makers of course but if you're just starting out, you will find it very helpful and there's a 60 day money back guarantee too!


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