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Saturday Celebrations - Just Mark

This is the 2nd Milestone Interview and I'd like to thank everyone who's sent them in so far. We have a few really interesting posts to look forward to and this week, we have Mark's story. He didn't include character or server details so it's just Mark :)

If you'd like to submit your own gold making Milestone Interview, instructions & more details are on my Milestone Interviews page. Any milestone is suitable - whether it be 100k or 10 million, we want to hear about YOUR story.


Milestone amount?


What got you started on making gold and when?

I got started making gold a couple of years ago. I’d been playing WoW for a few years and was starting to get bored with the game. I like questing and doing a lot of things solo. I tried doing some LFD but found most of the groups either were in a race to get it finished or very selfish. That’s why I don’t do raids or dungeons except in guild groups or with some guildies. I was noticing however that there were people barking in trade for items for a lot of gold. I mean who would spend 20k on a mount? My level 85 only had 15k and I was very careful with my gold. 
So that peaked my interest and I was starting to follow (lurk) the Gold Queen and she announced on her blog about a gold run that Jonathan was doing and it was going to cost some real money to get involved but I figured that for 30 days getting that much instruction (30 days of videos) and concentrating on doing nothing but making gold would be worth it. That is where I really learned how to make gold I didn’t win of course but I did respectfully well. 21,000 gold in 30 days starting on a new server with a level 1 toon and not being part of any guild. 

Which markets have you concentrated on, if any?

I haven’t really concentrated on any specific ones, but I craft and my goldmaker that reached 250k is a blacksmith. So I’ve been concentrating lately on the PvP gear (which I don’t PvP so I’m not sure if I’m getting the right gear out there but I make everything) and what pushed me over the 250k mark was one of the Reborn weapons. Otherwise I put up everything that I get in questing that I can’t use on the AH and I’m very patient. 

Biggest successes or biggest failures?

My biggest success is just the change in mental attitude toward what an item is worth. I learned that an item that can be purchased from a vendor for silver can be flipped on the AH for 50g. 
My biggest failure I think came when Chaos Orbs began to be able to be traded. They were going for around 400-500g each on my server and I saw a stack being sold for 100g each. That’s a good deal! I bought it and then the market price went down to about 50g each. I lost about 1 or 2k and I know there are others out there with bigger losses but for me, only having around 30k that was a big loss. 

Advice for new goldmakers?

Check The Undermine Journal for items and on their front page is a blog roll. Read those blogs they will have nuggets of advice that you can learn from. 
Don’t sell things straight to vendor unless it’s grey and even then there are some grey items that people will buy because of transmog those are mainly armor pieces. If you’re not sure check The Undermine Journal and see if it’s been sold on the AH on your server if so then you might be safe to sell it on the AH. 
Find a market and then fill it’s need. Be patient sometimes things don’t sell in a couple of days. 

Shout outs to any blogs, podcasts or streams that helped along the way?

Auction House Addict, the Gold Queen (now retired), Just My Two Copper, Hayden Hawk, The Goldrun (which really got me started), all the fine blogs that come across The Undermine Journal. 

What’s my new goal, if any?

I was thinking that 500k should be my next goal but that seems so far away at this point that I’ll make my next goal 300k. My ultimate goal is to reach gold cap, but I need smaller goals to reach my bigger goals.

So there you go - another gold making Milestone Interview for your reading pleasure! The thing I like most about these kinds of interviews is just how different we all are. There are the basic methods for making gold, sure but what we do with that knowledge & how we adapt it for our own servers or playstyle is what makes every story different.

I have 2 more Interviews submitted but I know there are more of you out there - come on, tell us a little bit about your methods, your style & most important of all - your successes! We want to read about them & buy you a beer too! 


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