Sunday, 7 July 2013

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast Gets a New Co-Host

Podcasting - Am I doing it right?
After a couple of years of various people asking me to do a podcast or some kind of audio, I've finally found a little corner of the podcast world that suits me just fine! Yes, Marcus Ty asked me to join him on his new-ish podcast The Journal of Marcus Ty so a couple of days ago, we recorded our first official joint podcast!

This is episode 8 and I guested on episode 7 just a couple of weeks ago. I'll be doing a show notes post here for each show and of course, we're happy to take any questions you may have about gold-making or suggestions for our discussion topic and you can leave comments here or contact Marcus or myself via the links at the bottom of the notes :)

This week we spoke a little about patch 5.4 and a whole lot about how to make gold without professions. We also had a lot of fun & I'm sure Marcus has had to edit out quite a few giggles from me! There's even a little British/American translation section with panties mentioned :) I hope you enjoy the show & the accents!

You can find the all the shows on Marcus's website Wow Gold Journal or you can subscribe on iTunes if that's your preference.

Show Notes
  • Welcome to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind.
  • We discuss our Week In WoW.
  • A little extra patch 5.4 info from the PTR.
  • Nev has a new iPad!
  • Ructions on Twitter - Is Blizzard moving to Micro-transactions
  • Shopping in the TSM 2.0 Beta
  • What happens when you reach 999,999.99 gold?
  • Gold making without professions - several methods dicussed
  • Round-up, thank you's & farewells :)
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