Sunday, 21 July 2013

Titansteel - Transmuting for Gold

Quite a while ago now, Marcus Ty mentioned on Twitter that he was making a nice profit selling Titansteel Bars on his server. It's definitely a niche market & I would say it's really only used by Engineers to make the mechano-hog/mekgineers chopper these days as most of the other uses for Titansteel were epic armor items that have been superceded now.

I have some very fond memories of my guildies scrabbling around, talking in code almost on skype as they tried to pull together enough cooldowns to make me & my husband our first pieces of Wrath epic gear. I learnt the code very quickly after that as I had an Alchemist & a Miner and I became part of the welcome wagon for brand new level 80's in our guild. We only did it for new players reaching 80 for the first time - after that, they had to pay the materials cost at least otherwise we'd all have been broke!

So I decided to have a little dabble in this market on my server and as I often do, I put together a small spreadsheet to clarify the numbers for myself. Below is a screenshot but I have put the spreadsheet on Google Docs and made it public so you can go get a copy for yourself if you'd like. Please, please don't edit the online version though, save your own copy to play with :)

I've tried to keep it fairly simple but as always, there are multiple ways to get to a Titansteel Bar. You will need a Miner to smelt the Titansteel Bar but also to smelt the Saronite or Titanium Ores as well. If you go for the Saronite Ore -> Bar -> transmute to Titanium Bar option, you will need an Alchemist too but the good news is that the Saronite Bar to Titanium Bar transmute has no cooldown and of course, if you are a Transmute Master, you could get some bonus Titanium Bars too!

Titansteel Crafting Spreadsheet
I've also included the possibility to use Frozen Orbs in exchange for the Eternals - there's a gnome on a flying carpet just outside the Engineering Auction House in Dalaran who will exchange the Orbs for you. I found that Frozen Orb prices bounced around quite a bit so watch the market for a few days before you buy - what you think is a low price may not be!

Don't forget as well that Eternals can be created using 10 Crystallized of the same type (crystallized fires for eternal fire etc) so check those prices out too - again I found that using Crystallized Earth to make Eternal Earth was a cheaper option but 10 Crystallized Fires were always more expensive than a single Eternal Fire! I haven't included the Crystallized items in my spreadsheet - it was already getting more complicated than I wanted and I actually do that math in my head when I'm in the Auction House anyway.

You can see at a glance that any of the ways to make Titansteel are profitable on my server - on this particular day! The raw materials prices I used were actual prices at the time, not averages or recent sales data from The Undermine Journal. Some of the routes to Titansteel are much more profitable than others - I'd guess that buying Titanium Bar to smelt is always going to be the most expensive way as other miners are adding in their own profit margins when they list smelted Bars on the Auction House.

But don't stop there - it may be that there isn't much demand for Titansteel Bars on your server so have a look at the demand for Titanium Bars - there's still profit there.

I hope this simple spreadsheet helps - after a while, you will know your numbers & probably won't need to use it but it's always nice to see the math worked out when you first enter a new market.


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  1. Titansteel also goes into making Jeeves, which is very much relevant for raiders today in nearly every guild. That's reason #1 why Titansteel will always, ALWAYS be very profitable!

    1. D'oh! I knew that! I can't believe I forgot to mention it! thanks Michael :)


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