Monday, 22 July 2013

Making Gold With Transmogrification - Ep 9, Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

WoW Gold Making Podcast
This weekend, Marcus Ty and I got together on Skype and recorded Episode 9 of the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast. It's my 2nd episode as co-host & even though I seem to have left my brain behind, Marcus coped admirably and didn't get too exasperated with me. We didn't talk about panties or knickers this time - just Marcus in leather & looking at plate bikinis and I don't think our American listeners need a translation for that! lol

For this show, our main discussion topic is Making Gold With Transmogrification and as I've not really dipped into that market very much, Marcus gave me a starter guide and some other useful tips that he's picked up during his time in the Transmog markets. We had a lot of fun recording the show for you, I do hope you enjoy it. As always, if you have any questions about this topic or any other topic, or have a suggestion for our future discussion topics, you can always email me here

You can find the show on itunes or go directly to the website, Journal of Marcus Ty and listen to the mp3 file from there. I've nagged Marcus a little to get the show on to Stitcher too so hopefully it should show up there soon.

Topics Covered in Episode 9
  • Welcome to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind.
  • Nev and Marcus discuss their Week In WoW.
  • What’s with the Blizzard in-store helms?
  • Listener’s questions and answers.
  • Marcus goes in search for Bandit Pants.
  • Nev goes shopping for Platekini.
  • How do you make gold with Transmogrification?
  • Round-up
Resources & Contact Details

If you don't know, Marcus has written a very extensive gold guide and is working on updating it all the time. I've been an affiliate of his for a long while now as I believe it is one of the best gold making guides out there. You can get more details at his Auction House Secrets site. It's not for experienced gold makers of course but if you're just starting out, you will find it very helpful and there's a 60 day money back guarantee too!


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