Friday, 26 July 2013

How Not To Lose Gold With Lazyness!

Today I earned a valuable reminder to not wear blinkers when making gold. I have my Trade Skill Master all set up & as I'm usually some kind of zombie when auction housing these days, I usually just empty my mailbox, hit the button to list my auctions & let TSM do it's thing. But today I almost missed a small problem that could have lost me gold!

One of my regular markets is Mysterious Fortune Cards - not the biggest market & not the most lucrative in terms of overall earning power but it is an easy one & brings in a few thousand gold quite regularly for me. I use the TSM Destroying search to find the herbs I need to make Blackfallow Ink (or Ink of Dreams to convert at the Ink Seller) and I have the 'regular' stack size box ticked as it has been for ages & ages now.

I've been having trouble lately finding enough cheap herbs to make the Cards though, so today, I did my search as usual and bought just the cheapest few stacks. The art of profiting from Mysterious Fortune Cards is to keep those ink costs down of course so when ink costs are up at 9g or more, it's really not worth the time & effort to make cards to sell at 15gold. I have tried creeping the price up but 15 gold is the sweet price point for my server.

So yeah, 6 paltry stacks of cheap herbs was all I managed to find today so that was a little disappointing. Off I went to search through my usual shopping lists and up popped Stormvine at 1gold each! That's strange though because they didn't show up in the Destroying search I'd run a few minutes earlier. Back I went & re-ran the Destroying search, thinking they'd just been listed perhaps. Nope, still didn't show up but then I noticed the check mark in that little 'regular stacks' box - unticked that & hey presto! lots of odd bits of cheap herbs popped up.

Okay, so I'm going to end up with a lot of partial stacks but as my DK/Scribe isn't making glyphs anymore or actually doing anything useful, filling her bags with bits of herb stacks isn't so bad, especially if I can keep getting so many cheap herbs!

So the moral of the story today is don't get blinkered or complacent when auction housing - check your settings regularly!


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  1. I learn and forget this lesson very often. Another one I need to remember is to manually look at items every so often. Sometimes there's just 1 or 2 items priced just out of range of your reset scan that you can happily pick up and double or triple your gold on a reset.


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