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20 Days of Gold Making - Day 12 Biggest Oops!

Question 12 on my list of 20 Days of Gold Making was "what was your biggest 'oops' moment?". I thought almost all of us would have one of these to talk about, no matter how painful or annoying it was as the time but as I sit here to tell you about it, I really can't think of a big oops! I've either been very lucky or perhaps because I don't automate everything, I see my mistakes as they happen. I have had some ventures go slightly wrong though - usually when I try armor or weapons flipping!

Oops #1

Back in Cataclysm, Maelstrom Crystals were the big expensive enchanting material. They were selling for over 2-3000 gold or more early on as they were only disenchantable from epics. As always, some clever spark noticed that the Alchemists Stone was cheaper to make & could be disenchanted to a Maelstrom Crystal and as always, word spread & the prices started to fall a bit.

But the all-seeing Blizzard noticed too and only 2 months into Cataclysm, they nerfed the Alchemist's Stone so that was no longer able to provide Maelstrom Crystals. Luckily I read a post by Zoxy (no longer blogging, awww) so the evening before the patch, I snatched up all the Maelstrom Crystals on the Auction House (a whole 27 crystals but almost half my capital) then relisted them at 2x the price.

I was really, really lucky in the end, the first few sold for quite good prices but slowly - by the time I'd sold the last one, I was making a loss per crystal although overall I did at least get my gold back & maybe a little more. You can read my thoughts about this in my old post 'My Pocket is in Shock', it makes for a fun read for me as I panicked at the time. The best bit about that post though is the comments - most are still relevant today & some big names from the old days of gold blogging too.

If you're new-ish to gold-making and only have a limited amount of capital, that old post shows you where I was & how a big gamble like that worried me at the time. I have no doubt that you are probably feeling some of those same thoughts as you hit the 'buy' button sometimes. It all comes with time - experience, patience & lots of reading really does help calm those nerves, I promise :)

Oops #2

This one isn't so much a gold making oops as a mailbox oops! Back in December 2011, one of my guildies snatched a cheap Epic (about 8k when it should have been 12k) off the Auction House for me as I was in a dungeon. I mailed him the cash & he mailed me the Epic.

That sounds ok, doesn't it? Yeah? Well I asked him to send the Epic to my Paladin and I was playing my DK at the time, trying to get her geared up a bit. My DK was also my main crafter (JC/Glyphs) so I spent a lot of time on her. Stroll on early January & I took an unplanned break. I just stopped logging in overnight - no idea why, it just worked out that way.

It wasn't until I relogged in April that I remembered the Epic in the mail! Of course it was gone into the ether, along with who knows what else. I used to use my mailbox for additional storage so I probably lost a lot of stuff. Lesson learned there for sure!

I still use the mail for some storage especially whilst leveling through Pandaria. I send raw materials out to the leveler/crafter, do the crafting & send it back. It keeps the overflow out of my bags & I just take what I need from the mailbox. The difference these days is that I pay much closer attention to the mail expiry dates & if I'm planning on being away from game, I empty my mailboxes!


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