Friday, 22 February 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 20 Last But Not Least

Well it's been fun & made for some interesting reading across the gold blogosphere but at last I made it to Day 20 of my 20 Days of Gold Making. So todays topic is "Lets spread some blog love - which are your 'must read' or 'go to' gold blogs or even other you go for information & reading matter?"

For patch notes & news, I head to Wow Insider but I usually get there via tweeted links! I really have trouble finding stuff sometimes on their main site!

For details about in game items, places, quest problems or zone queries etc, the monster site of Wowhead is my go to site. I rarely look anywhere else for in game related queries.

For interesting gold related articles I tend towards blog reading. I'm a creature of habit so although I do read all the blogs on my blogrolls, I tend to read them in batches rather than as soon as they publish a new post. As I said, I read all of them but I don't want to link everyone here, that would be a bit silly! Other blogs I read as & when I get around to it including some that are so new, I  haven't even added them to my list yet! I pick up random posts from my twitter feed too.

Cold's Gold Factory - If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I regularly join in with Cold's Gold Blogging carnival each month and I often link to his posts. Besides being a dear friend, I happen to like the way he writes & the way he sees gold making opportunities in places I'd never think of. I love his Saturday Gifts for Gamers spot too - he does find the weirdest stuff sometimes!

Phat Lewts Gold Blog - I like the way Phat writes and although he's not writing quite as often as he used to (let's face it, many of us aren't writing so often either!), when he does do a new post, it's always well thought out & interesting.

Now I'm not a big fan of streamers & youtubers but mainly because it's hard to just listen when I miss bits from the chat room. I don't like to sit & watch either so I tend to give them a miss but @elvinelol is making quite a name for himself & was a great guest on Eviscerated Gaming Podcast a few weeks ago. He also has a stream & a website - check out his twitter profile for the URL's :)

And then there's the podcasts! oh my word! Do you know how many wonderful WoW related podcasts there are out there? Nope, nor me but I currently have 67 waiting in my queue to listen to & that doesn't include the ones I deleted because I got so far behind whilst I was traveling! Some of those 67 podcasts are over 2 hours long so I think I'm going to have to skip a few here & there to catch up! There's also a whole bunch of new ones just starting up too so I have no idea how I'm ever going to keep up with all of the ones I want to!

My list includes but is not limited to
  • Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
  • Hearthcast
  • Nonmailz Nutz
  • Tauren Think Tank
  • Bitter & Salty
  • Girls Gone WoW
  • Darkmoon Herald
  • Power Word:Gold
  • Call To Auction
  • The Mana Cooler
And lastly is Power Word: Gold - Jim has his fingers in so many pies he could fit into all the categories above! Blogging, podcasting, live streaming as well as hosting the Gold Blog Directory & The Hatchery (for new or would-be bloggers), I don't know how he keeps it all straight.

As I come to the end of my own 20 Days of Gold Making, I'd like to say a huge, heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to all the bloggers who decided to join in. I hope I've got everyone on my 20 Days of Gold Making - Participants list but if I've missed you or you decide to join in at some future date, just let me know & I'll add you.

It's been fun, it's been a trip down Memory Lane for many of us writers & I hope it's been interesting to you, my readers. Seeing how a person develops their gold making skill is a great way to learn to do it yourself & I tried to add in a few of the fun things you can do once you have a stack of gold!


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  1. I dont find there are any real go to blogs for gold tips as a lot of the same info just circulates. I read blogs that seem to convey some information about there playing and how it impacts their goldmaking. ie your blog and Phat Lewts. Sadly I dont like podcasts so Powerworld Gold just doesnt get followed anymore as reading is faster than listening for the relevant information. Best sites these days are Undermine Journal and Wow uction just for the information they contain.

    I will say that I do find too many people just follow blindly what gets posted on the blogs. Now in some cases I use that to my advantage.

    I also believe that it really doesnt matter what you sell as long as you have an efficient process to your gold making. I have learned over the years....people will buy anything. No need to have huge markups just a need to post many items with a markup and the gold will flow. Gold making is my sideline and something that I have done for 6 years for 15-30 minutes a day. My wealth is over 4million in liquid gold. Get rich consistently each day is my motto. Buy the deals and profit from them. Hit the markets with little competition and whitelist in the crazy undercutting markets simplifies gold making.

    Keep up the interesting posts.

    1. Thank you Brent - I think I mostly agree with you too :) When I first started reading gold blogs, there were a few major players who seemed to be giving out great tips. I eventually worked stuff out for myself & just used those 'big' blogs to know which markets to stay away from!

      Podcasts for me are about the personalities, fun & conversations really - Many of those I listed above aren't even gold making ones!

      The biggest single thing about gold making is patience - it all takes time to accumulate, something I've written here many times & your 'method' is a strong & valid one & a perfect example of my 'it takes time' writings.


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