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Adventuring Supplies - No Pandaren Level 85 Green Armour Market This Time?

Adventuring Supplies - No Pandaren Level 85 Green Armour Market This Time?
I finally managed to get my EU account upgraded to the new expansion Mists of Pandaria but have spent the last 2 days just trying to get my head around all the possibilities. Have 6 possible candidates for leveling first and all the professions to level has resulted in 2 days of Auction House chaos & profession confusion for me but I think I'm getting there!

I did manage to level both my Alchemists to 600 very easily (post coming up on that soon) & I took both of them to Halfhill to get their farms started. Whilst travelling there, I bumped into Claretta, an Adventuring Supplies trader sitting at Pang's Stead in the Valley of Four Winds.

Now one of the big markets during Cataclysm has been the level 77-80 green (uncommon) quality armour & weapons markets. If you were asleep or AFK, these were Cataclysm items useable by level 77 characters & up, with the obvious benefit of much, much better stats than the level 77-80 Wrath gear.

There has been some talk on Twitter about whether this 77-80 market will survive & I have to say, judging by my sales over the last week or two, yes - I think this market will survive! As you can see from my screen shot below, I have been buying Cataclysm 77-80 level gear for less than 50 gold each & reselling them quite successfully at 199 gold each. This screenshot is from my US account only but I have had similar success on my EU account although by using the Remote Auction House, none of my sales statistics were recorded - boo!

So back to Claretta & her fellow Adventuring Supplies traders - she sells a full set of item level 372 green quality armour for very reasonable prices. My US Hunter only dinged 85 a few days before Mists of Pandaria was released & as I don't usually do many dungeons, my poor hunter was not looking forward to the initial struggle to quest in the new zones, being dressed almost totally in Cataclysm quest rewards green armour!

As you can see from the screenshot below, the stats on these items are really quite good - especially when compared to many of the Cataclysm items my girlie was wearing. I had already picked up 3 or 4 Pandaren quest reward items but I was still struggling a little so I decided it was worth 150 gold or so to replace the worst 3 items.

With these wandering traders so easily available & with the Auction House flooded with Mists of Pandaria green quality items for very low prices, I have to wonder if an equivalent to the 77-80 market will be able to thrive during this expansion. I know many Enchanters are currently snapping up many of the lowest priced greens on the Auction House to disenchant but when the leveling buzz dies down a bit & everything starts to even out, these travelling traders will provide an alternative to the Auction House for buyers.

I know I won't be buying gear for my fresh 85 from the auction house unless the prices are really cheap. I would guess that buying cheap Mists gear & relisting them for much higher prices will find a small market - after all, there will always be players unaware of the travelling traders or those who simply want their gear straightaway who will purchase the higher priced armour but I don't think it will be as big a market as the recent 77-80 greens one. Only time will tell though - I'm not usually prone to 'forecasting' such things so we'll just have to wait & see how it goes.

What do you think? In my confusion over all the stuff to do in Mists, have I missed a point here? Let me know in comments if you want to put me straight :)


  1. I'm hoping for a 83-84 market -- although, we won't see it for a while with the flood of cheapo greens. I've been buying more 83s than 84, mostly because of the vendors. I figure they may spend the gold for two more levels.

    1. I agree with Amy's strategy. I have had a lot of success in the 77-79 market only selling 77 gear. Some of the benefits are it lasts 3 levels, is relatively equivalent in stats, and is desirable for everyone level 77-79 whereas someone who is level 77 does not want the 79 gear (yet). Anyway it's been my experience that once players get away from the low level (85-87) Pandaria zones and start getting into raids/heroics/BGs we will see less of this gear and be able to sell it for mucho profits! I wrote a post about it which you can find here.

      In my opinion, the really hot market here is going to be the 80-84 rare pieces that have ilvl's of over 400! There are a bunch of pieces out there to be had, and they're much greater for those levelers than even these vendor items, and they're available 1-5 levels earlier, where most won't be able to get their hands on them (leveling twinks will love this). Sorry for the long winded post, really enjoyed the read, and glad you're back in the game!


      Phat Lewts

  2. Other gold-makers will be able to comment on the greens market better than me.
    But for my part, the MoP 83-85 greens that I've been picking up in the Jade Forest have been selling really well.
    Much better than the crafted greens which is mostly a pile of junk that people want to get rid of because they're leveling their tradeskills (and yet post it at juuust higher price than their disenchanting cost - for the most part).
    Crafted blues however seem to be snagged right out of my fingers as I put them on the AH.

    And if you think about it, people would buy 77-80 Cata greens to finish Wrath, then probably get a few upgrades between 80-82, then would buy the MoP 83-85 greens to move forward.
    I'd say give it a bit of time to settle to see exactly how it's going to play out.
    This is a time where the AH is filled with greens and we have to wait until the majority of people finish fiddling with tradeskill leveling. (I know it's still very active in my guild, as some people are more worried about getting mains and alts to 90 first and then take care of skills.)

    My prediction: give it a month before we can see a good outline. By that time, we'll see if it's viable. And if it is, then we'll be ready to welcome the Xmas holiday players who can finally play the game.

    PS: One point about the gear vendors is HOLY CRAP they sell TRINKETS! :O

  3. I think that Blizzard has been doing what it can to stymie all the legitimate goblins out there, with these traveling gear salesmen, Spirit's of Harmony, needing a Golden Lotus for x-muting gems, etc, etc. Yet I don't know if they have done anything to stop the dupers at all.

  4. I firmly believe there will be a good market for 83-84 MoP ‘greens’ (comparable to the Cata 77-79 ‘greens’ market) but only once the initial levelling process is completed for the majority of players. Once things settle down, there are much less pieces on the AH and people are levelling Alts then I think the market will be there.

    At the moment, I am buying the cheapest MoP ‘greens’ off the AH and storing them until about a month down the line.

    The early days of the expansion won’t really tell us much about what potential this market has in it and I will simply be buying low and keeping my powder dry for now.

    As an aside, I am finding that the market is still really good for the Cata 'greens' since MoP launched.

  5. I think crafted blue 85 (ilvl 415) is serving the additional "85" part of 83-85 market. Plus, as Phatlewt said, there are 80-85 rare drops (400+ ilvl...85 ones in this class is ilvl450!), that's working pretty well for me as well...


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