Wednesday 10 October 2012

Mists of Pandaria - The Plan & The Results (So Far)

Mists of Pandaria - The Plan & The Results

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival this month has a nice retrospective flavour after all the frantic preparations before Mists of Pandaria was launched
Pick A Market Or A Strategy That You Planned To Focus On For The MoP Launch. What Were Your Results?

I was late to the Mists of Pandaria party as I was away from home on launch day so I've only been playing for a week now. I knew being a week behind was going to mess up any big plans & with moving house & packing for my trip, my pre-launch to-do list never really stood a chance! Having said that though, I did have fairly big expectations of the Glyph market on 2 different servers.

Original Plan

Like many Scribes, I stockpiled some decent stacks of all the various inks although nowhere near the quantities that some bloggers were talking about! I didn't precraft glyphs, that's never been how I work but when I saw how low the prices were dropping, I did grab some of the very cheapest ones from the Auction House.

On my main EU account, I kept to my normal method, using Trade Skill Master addon (TSM) to identify which glyphs were selling at the highest prices & I only crafted glyphs worth over 250 gold. My banker there also picked up a few hundred cheap glyphs, all at 20 gold each or less.

On my US account, things are slightly different. My main there had only just maxed her Inscription & is still learning the glyphs from the daily researches. I used the same method, crafting the highest priced glyphs but I had a fairly large stock of glyphs crafted when leveling. I also picked up cheap glyphs from the Auction House.

Also on my US account, I have a baby Alliance banker & like the Auction House Addict that I am, I somehow can't resist playing that Auction House too. She has no professions so she just picked up cheap glyphs when the prices were below 15 gold each.

How It Turned Out

So how did it all work out? Well, the Kobolds (Cold's nickname for the huge undercutters has stuck with me!) have been out in force on all 3 Auction Houses, driving prices down below 25 gold for probably half of all the glyphs available. I'm seeing good glyphs listed at anywhere from 200-500 gold & then someone comes along & lists 5 at 24 gold & not only that, they are cancelling & relisting as often as the main players. If I sell 3 or 4 higher priced glyphs on my main account in a day, that is now a good day.

On my US account, both factions have the same problem but my Horde gilrlie is suffering from not only competing with the Kobolds but also with Cold himself! When I picked my profession, I forgot to ask him which was his main one so I could avoid having to compete! It doesn't really matter though as I'm putting that account on hold whilst I focus on all the lovely new stuff in Pandaria on my mains.

Nice Surprises

One nice surprise in this brave new world of Pandarian auctioning has been the cooking materials - with 6 x 85's available & only leveling one of them, I have been able to get my farms started & producing a wide variety of the cooking ingredients which are selling for anything between 40 gold to 9 gold each!

Another pleasant surprise was the ease of leveling 2 Alchemists to max purely via Auction House herbs - not only was it fairly cheap but I seem to be on a lucky streak with my Living Steel transmutes - I've had a proc almost every day so far!

And lastly but not gold related, I'm surprised by how much I like the quest reward armour! My Paladin is my first love & although I was torn between her & my Hunter for first to 90, I just had to stick with my Pally. The changes to Holy Power seem to have improved the rotation for me at least ( I was struggling all through Cataclysm) & she just made level 87 late last night.

Going Forwards

Right now, I'm not sure quite where I'm heading as far as the Auction House is concerned. I'm still playing catch up, trying to make sense of the huge variety of options Blizzard have provided for us this time around. I'm going to get all my girls to 90 at some point but I'm not going to rush. I'm determined to actually do some dungeons this time around too & maybe even attempt to raid a bit.

I will still be making gold though, it's almost impossible not too whilst leveling, especially on 6 toons. I'll level my professions as quickly as I can, not only for the Guild achievement but also so that I can begin to get my head around them & perhaps find a little corner to call my own.

Good Luck out there, my fellow gold makers. It's a brave new world to conquer!


  1. One of my nice profit makers is the new Living Steel bars. I buy three stacks of Ghost Iron Bars, transmute them to trillium, and then transmute that to Living Steel. About 600 gold for three stacks of the bars and a living steel sells for around 1700-1800 gold on my server.

    1. oooh nice prices there! The Ghost Iron varies on my server but yeah, usually around the 600-700 gold point but Living Steel prices have dropped to around the 1000 gold mark most days. I'm still listing a few of mine at 1200g tho & they do sell, usually when someone clears the AH of LS :)

  2. For me my main has always been a blacksmith and knowing you can make quality PvE and PvP gear from the outset (and looking to strike whilst the market is hot early in the xpac) I went and farmed up the near 30 spirits of harmony to buy every MoP Blacksmithing pattern available.

    Combine that with 3 transmute masters I pretty much have my server's market locked down and being a natural TSM addict, I run the show with an iron grip driving competitors down to below mats cost, buying out and restocking for cheaper than I can make them for.

    Since release, I've already cleared 250k profit and with more 90s now out there farming cheap ghost iron, I think it's only going to get better.

    Most important tip I can put forward is that you ensure you have profession alts which support your main profession. Being as independent as possible from having to source key / choke point crafting mats from the open market I think is a major contributor for being able to control your specialised market!


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