Monday, 28 March 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

It's been a fairly normal week apart from the fact that hubs has been off work & enjoying WoW almost 24/7! Quick bit of maths tells me I spent about 22500g this week to make those sales of 56k but looking in more detail at what has sold, tells me that a lot of what has sold this week was effectively paid for the week before! So that gives me liquid gold increase of about 34k & I bought 6k of ore the day before this screenie was taken so at least a 6k increase in stock too. That took me to 333k liquid on this server so exactly 1/3 of the way to my target 1 million gold.

All enchanting mats have come from stock as has the netherweave for the bags. Lower down the list (and not showing!!) is some lowbie leatherworking items I made for a different blog post (coming soon) and also to clear some bank space down. That sort of back fired when I bought all that ore so I had to invest in another tab for my guild bank.

The JC daily has been Sparkles 3 times this week & Elemental Goo for 3 days so sales are down on the jasper/nightstone/zephyrite front but the inferno rubies are selling well. I'm sure I could sell even more if I had them but even with transmuting carnelians, I just can't keep up with demand. I've decided to just post when the prices are a bit higher to give myself chance to build a little stock.

In other news this week, I thought I'd found myself a farmer but deliveries have been sporadic to say the least. Even when I asked him to COD me 40 stacks a day if he had it & made it clear that if he wanted to miss a day or whatever (I'm not a slavedriver, after all), that would be fine - he would COD me for 2 days then start barking his stocks in trade again. I'd whisper him after a bark & we would deal there & then, dicuss COD, he'd say fine, mail me stock for another day or two, then go back to barking in trade!

I'm not quite sure what to make of it to be honest - he's perfectly happy to trade there & then. Sometimes he says hello as soon as I log on & we have a little chat with no trade mentioned although I do tease him a little about 'needing a new mining pick soon' and stuff. He noticed when my DK hit 85 & whispered a gratz & he feels like a new friend so I guess I'll just have to take what I can get whenever. I was hoping for a regular supply but never mind.

So business continues as usual although I am slowly exploring a few other avenues. I've just maxed my tailoring at long last so I can start working there once I get a feel for the various markets & I think it may be time to double check my alchemist - see if the market for potions & elixirs is improving at all.

Just gotta get my blacksmith & engineering alts up now - gonna be a while though, one's at 42 & the other at 62!


  1. Reliable farmers are difficult/impossible to come by in this game, for sure. By the way, what server do you operate on, Nev?

  2. Hi Gentry, thanks for your comment, it's nice to see some new names popping up :) I'm on Chamber of Aspects EU Allie for most of my alts but I also have my AH alt (see early blog posts) on Terrokar EU.

  3. I always just bought my ores from AH, then one day guy whispers me asking if I wanted regular CODs...

    He's been sending me at LEAST 480 stacks of ore everyday :[

  4. Thanks for the response Nev =)

    I am just entering the Auction House scene on Kel'Thuzad (A very high population US server) and have carved myself a nice little niche in the enchanting mats sector. I make 200-500G a day mostly using the AH browser on Blizzard's website.

    Is there some way I can message you with some more in-depth questions about AH strategies? I'm really still a novice at it, and I don't want to blow up your comment page. If you'd rather not then it's ok, I find your blogs very interesting. Thanks Nev!

  5. @Nubbie - Ouch! that's a lot of ore!

    @Gentry - I've added a 'contact me' just under my Profile - not sure I'm the best person to ask stuff but I'll try & help if I can :) Glad you enjoy my waffling lol


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