Saturday, 19 March 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

I've had a busy week gearing up & rep building this week so my gold making has slowed a little. Add to that a severe shortage of Outland & Northrend herbs at even vaguely reasonable prices & you can see the effect on my sales.

Doing a bit of maths & I've worked out that I spent around 27k on various stuff so total increase in cash is only 20k but out of that 27k - 8k was for fast flying for 2 alts & 3k for a set of Terborus's bracers so it would have been 31k up :-)

I did a bit of excel wizardry too - I thought it might be interesting to see where the bulk of my cash is coming from.

Inscription - mainly glyphs - 21.3k
Jewelcrafting - 15.9k
Enchanting - 6.1k
Leatherworking - 1.5k
Tailoring (Netherweave bags) - 0.6k
Random other stuff - 2.1k

So although there's only 1 or 2 glyphs showing up at the top of the leaderboard, the sheer variety of glyphs adds up to my best sellers overall.

I've also expanded my LW'ing a little - I've made a full set of the Bloodied Leather agility pvp set & some of the well known lesser blues such as Toughened Leather Armor. As each piece of pvp gear sells, I'm making another so I always have a full set listed. The lesser stuffs aren't exactly flying off the shelf but if I pick up the mats over time at very low prices, then it's almost pure profit. I want to give the market a bit more time before I report fully.

This week, I've also been working a bit more on my Tailoring - I'm at 510 now & run out of my cheap volatiles - being the skinflint that I am, I'd rather wait to level further until I can get some more cheapies rather than pay silly prices at the AH to get those few points now!

I've also been selling a few bits & pieces from my mid level Blacksmith but for some reason, they haven't shown up in the MySales report. I guess I've not activated the addon so I'll need to fix that before next week!

With Leatherworking, Tailoring, Enchanting and Inscription either at max or close to max level, I really need shedloads of volatiles. I'm wondering how you guys get enough for your needs - do you buy at AH, transmute volatile lifes or do you farm them?

I feel the need for a second max level alchemist for the extra transmute - lifes are still the cheapest - but for now I just don't have a viable profession slot. My next highest alt is my mining/BS warrior at 62 & after that, I have a bunch in the 40's. Maybe I should just focus on one of those & try to level her as fast as possible - still gonna be a while though :(

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