Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Two Little Addon Tips - Auctioneer & Altoholic

Somewhere in the last week, I stumbled over 2 little corners of my addons & managed to change a setting or two by accident!

The first one was trying to set up my Dealfinder list in TSM - if the item wasn't in my bag or on the AH, how in heck did I add it to my list without alt tabbing to wowhead every 30 seconds? The answer was buried deep in my altoholic configuration - that pretty picture of a cog in the top right hand corner - in there is a whole range of stuff I'd never even looked at. The best thing is I now have item ID numbers in my tooltips - so when I'm building my dealfinder list, I get the itemID from my profession window :-) It also comes in handy for using itemID in macros

The second stumble was whilst looking for the first one! I'd managed to turn the itemID on without even really thinking about it so when I mentioned it to Hubs, he wanted to know how to do it too - oops! Should have made a note to self maybe? Anyhoo, in trying to find it again, I stumbled over a way to reset my Auctioner scan database.

I'd been thinking about clearing out all the old data anyway because I've been scanning for almost a year & the prices that I set up in my snatch list are all skewed by pre-Cata data or by the very high prices of Cata at the beginning. Prices are beginning to settle to some sort of recognisable level now so I figured it would be an ideal time to reset.

If you type /auctioneer help you get a whole list of commands, one of which is /auctioneer/cleardata/faction/server/all - just pick the one you want to clear & hey presto, it's done!

I still have my beancounter data for sales & purchases which I was a bit nervous of losing as well but seemingly the good people at Auctioneer development thought of that.

Just a quick post today but one I thought may be helpful. Yes, I've got a week or two of scanning to do now but at least the prices should be more representative of the current markets & hopefully will make it easier to spot a good deal.

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  1. Great idea. I think my Auctioneer data is fairly "ancient" as well. May be time for dusting out some cobwebs. That along with TUJ being there for me when I need a historical price means AH data isn't AS critical as it once was.


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