Thursday, 10 March 2011

TSM - Basic Set Up Guide for Glyphs

I promised Alto a guide for TSM for his Glyphs so here's the first part - the set-up. Fluxdada at Power Word:Gold did a great video on this yesterday but I do mine slightly differently & also if you can't watch video at least you can read mine, hey? lol

Now I have a disclaimer to make - I've never used any of the other addons for glyphing so although I have been extolling the virtues of TSM for glyphs, in reality, I have nothing to compare it to!

I used to go to the AH & check, class by class, for which glyphs had the highest sale price, then I would make those if the herb prices were sensible. I listed them for 48 hrs & rarely if ever, cancelled & reposted them. For me, it's the ease of buying herbs within a set price range & the cancel/repost function that has me raving about TSM. If you already have an efficient system, I guess changing to TSM may not be your best option but hey ho, I'm sure there are some readers out there who scrabble through as I was, so maybe this can help them :)

So what I've done here is to take a load of screen shots & numbered various things. I'll talk through each 'number' & hope it flows logically enough for you to follow.

This bit is very brief! Number 1 is the 'Craft options' button & number 2 is the 'Auctioning groups' button.

OK, so press the Craft Options button (#1) and this is what you get on the Data tab at the top there. Number 3 is a drop down menu - I like to use the AuctionDB - Minimum buyout option for mat prices & craft prices - this is the TSM database from the scan I'll show you later. My Auctioneer is playing up a little so I haven't kept those scans up to date. The TSM scan is so quick as well that I can run it every 5 minutes with no pain, if needs be!

The 'profit deduction' slider is set to 5% which is the AH cut - if you're posting on the Neutral AH, you may want to adjust this here.

Number 4 is where I originally had problems - I have 2 alts with inscription but on different servers so make sure to pick up the correct alt name from this drop down menu. If you craft glyphs (or anything else, for that matter) then send to a banker for selling, pick up the banker alt name here too. The same goes for the Guild drop down box alongside - if you have glyphs stored in a seperate guild bank, pick up both guilds here.

Next up is the Craft Management Window tab - the only things I change here are the Max Restock Quantity & the Minimum Profit (number 5). Both are fairly self explanatory & totally up to you how you set them. 

Moving on to the Profiles tab, I believe the first alt you set up anywhere in game on TSM, becomes the default profile! This took me a while to work out as I added a second & third alt before realising that I couldn't use the same default for everyone! So, before you go much further, put your current alt's name in here at Number 6! If you want different profit amounts depending on which alt, you will need to go back to box Number 5 & change it once you have a new profile set up. ie I set this up for AHAlt then when I go to Mainalt, I change the profile name/set up new profile & it will bring these values in unless I change them.

So at last, we get to the Inscription window! Click the icon to the top left & then the Options button in the left hand list. The first thing you will see is a list by class - I prefer to sort by ink as it makes pricing & buying herbs much, much easier. So just click 'ink' in the drop down menu at number 7. 

 Now at this point, we still haven't imported any of our profession skills/items so click 'Crafts' in the left hand menu then click 'Force rescan etc etc' button (Number 8). This should open your normal profession window behind this screen then close it again once it has imported your craftables. I've had a problem here once or twice so I either just log out & in again or do a /reload which seems to fix it.

Hopefully this will have imported all the glyphs/items you can make so now click an ink in the left hand list - I've picked Midnight Ink. You can see it has brought in all the glyphs I can make with Midnight Ink but none of them are selected. Pressing 'Enable all crafts' button at number 9 will pick up every glyph in this list.

Now, when I set up for the first time, at this point I click 'Create Auctioning Groups' which brings up a pop-out (marked 10a). Just click the large 'add crafted items from this group etc etc' button & it will automatically create a new group called 'inscription - midnight ink'. Now if you have already set up or are going to set up seperate profession groups, the category box will need to be used - the drop down menu will show you your 'master groups' as it were & just pick from there.

If you are still learning new glyphs, they won't appear in a group until you put them there. Go back to ink group page (#9 above) and tick the new item to 'enable it' then click the box marked number 11 and this box will pop up - in the drop down menu (at 11a), pick the name of the group to add your item to (in this case, midnight ink)  & hey presto, your new glyph is now in your crafting & auctioning groups. 

Now we go to the auctioning group button (number 2 on the first screen shot!) & you will see your crafting by inks list on the left hand side  are now showing as auctioning groups as well. This is where we set up our undercut amount, our threshold & fallback. In the screenshot below, I have marked the 'Categories/Groups' with a red blob - this is your override settings so if you forget to set amounts for individual groups, these are the settings that it will default to.

Post Time & Post Cap are both easy - as is the undercut amount - I hate those guys who undercut 1copper so I usually put a random amount in here! At number 12 I have set my minimum price at 25g & my fallback at 138g but at the very bottom of the screen is a drop down menu which allows you to decide what TSM will do if the price falls below your threshold. Somehow I managed to miss it in the screenshot but I have mine set to 'don't post' so it never posts below 25g. 

So that's pretty much the set-up covered. You can see below that I have a different Price Threshold for my Midnight Ink category. On my main inscription alt, I have a different threshold for each ink group depending on my ink prices but I'll show you that tomorrow when I cover the crafting & cancel/repost parts of TSM.

I think I've covered most of the basic set up stuff. If you think I missed something or you want further clarification, please leave a comment - this is my first 'tutorial/how-to' so I doubt I got it all first time :) I'll cover crafting, restock queues, posting & scanning in part 2, currently planned for tomorrow, real life permitting.


  1. Wow. I think I actually have everything set up. I had zero issues following your directions. Now I really need tomorrow's post.

    Thanks again for helping this TSM noob get started. All I gotta do now is remember how to be patient...

    For those that are against TSM, this is a great "how-to", and don't be skeered, Nev's got this down pat.


  2. oh crumbs! thanks Alto, I just hope my way of doing things suits you. I'll try and get it posted a bit earlier tomorrow - touch wood, nothing's come up to stop me yet :)

  3. One question.
    Why glyph is a good deal? When one perceives a glyph does not forget like the old days.

  4. Nice post. I really want to give this a shot. Do you know if it can be used with Zero Auctions running also?


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