Monday, 14 March 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

Last week was probably one of my best ever weeks - shifting those Maelstrom Crystals certainly helped my numbers but I've continued with the cut gems albeit still on a fairly small scale.

I also had a brainwave & managed to work out roughly how much I'd spent in the week - 18k spent so that's 47k profit which puts me nicely over the 250k mark - next stop 500k please :-)

I mentioned the Rogues Decks last week & as you can see, they made in onto my leaderboard this week. The only reason the Swords Deck isn't on there is that I ran out of decks to sell! I'm going to hang on to my 'green' inks & try this again next month. I've always sold a few rogues &  swords decks but never this many - I guess there's an 'Insane' achievement underway for a few people on my server.

On the JC front - we had the nightstone daily 3 days in a row then 3 days of the zephyrite daily. The jasper daily hit on the weekend - I have trouble selling gems on the weekend due to very active undercutters but I suppose I can let them have a little bit of space to play!

It surprised me when I looked at these figures as I've actually not been paying so much attention to gold making this week - my little jc/inscription DK who sat at lvl 77 for about 6 weeks has suddenly grown on me & I hit lvl 85 on her on Saturday after a week of solid questing & I was actually brave enough to do some random dungeons.

My poor pally has been sitting around since she hit 85 as I was really embarrassed by her poor DPS - I've been struggling with the changes brought in pre-Cata but I spent a lot of time on various websites reading up, made a few changes & risked taking her through a dungeon last night too. I was pleasantly surprised when her DPS turned out to be about 2-3k higher than I expected - still not brilliant but it's a start in the right direction!

So for the coming week, I'm still data gathering for my blacksmithing project & I've got a shedload of medium leather so I'm going to try TSM on my LW'er. I've now got 2 plate wearers to gear up so I'll be questing & dungeoning for rep & gear for them & my rogue needs to get more guild rep too so I'm going to be busy this week!

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